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jamaican cannabis seeds

With 85% sativa genes, Jamaican Pearl Regular delivers just the high you’d expect: mood-lifting, positive and energetic but not as hard-hitting as certain THC-rich Haze strains. The effect is felt primarily in the head, but is always manageable and won’t stop you getting on with other things. You can enjoy this cannabis strain morning, noon and night.

Our tests generate uniform, strong plants with fast growing behaviour and the desired combination of taste, effect and weight. Jamaican Pearl cannabis seeds produce tall plants that can reach up to 300 cm outside. The flowering phase lasts between 50 and 75 days, producing plentiful large, shaggy buds.

Do you like tropical sativas but live in a grey European climate? The answer is Jamaican Pearl Regular cannabis seeds. This resistant, early-flowering strain can be grown outdoors in most climates. Thanks to 85% sativa genes, it delivers a mood-lifting high.

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Jamaica is home to a number of tropical sativas that have been planted and perfected over many years. So it’s all the more surprising that modern cannabis cultivation includes only a few Caribbean strains. Our Marley’s Collie has countless fans, so we really wanted to bring a new strain to the market.

Jamaican Pearl Regular is a sweet, potent outdoor sativa that cuts a fine figure even at northern latitudes – a true innovation in cannabis cultivation. It’s loved not just for its tropical flavour, but also for the mood-enhancing high that’s so popular with sativa fans. And you don’t need to be an expert to get a lush yield of beautiful resinous buds with this strain.

Jamaican Pearl Regular growth pattern

This strain of course also thrives indoors under artificial light. The ceiling of the growing room must be high enough, however. A Screen of Green (SCROG) may also help. Good results can also be achieved with special pruning methods such as Supercropping and Lollipopping.

Auto Jamaica buds give an intense pine odour. The typical 350-450 g/m2 yield produced by Auto Jamaica can be increased with cannabis training such as LST and SCRoG. Dried and cured buds smell of lime and pine, smoke tastes flowerish with a fresh aftertaste. Auto Jamaica produces strong and healthy plants of medium height, but rich in blossom, mostly with 3-5 side colas, leaves somewhat more protruded than normal Indica leaves, but shorter and broader than those of Sativa. The slight Ruderalis influence gives this strain vigor and resistance to molds, also making for its short height. A very outdoor strain, productively grown indoors as well.

Auto Jamaica is an autoflowering hybrid based mainly on Cuban Indica crossed with a brightest Jamaican Sativa landrace that the breeders could find in Jamaica. The strain is designed as a mild energetic weed with a heavy enjoyable stone following. By means of progressive technologies and also using rich cannabis breeding traditions inherent in this country, Auto Jamaica was refined to compete cup winning cannabis varieties. 100% authentic and top quality, Auto Jamaica seeds have been examined by local connoisseurs and estimated as an elite level strain.

Users report Auto Jamaica to rise one’s creativity and imaginative thinking, also the strain tends to produce changes in perception of space, time and gravity. Auto Jamaica by Marley Seedbank is trippy, its drive changing into total placidity and back again. Does not normally block your communication, though, one of the best marijuana strains for partying up late. Proven a remedy against depression and appetite disorders.

Grow peculiarities

Jamaica Sativa produces classical triangular-shaped sativa plants of dark green color, usually with 5-6+ side colas. The two principal difficulties with the strain are its huge size and long life cycle. However, these factors are the main reason why Jamaica Sativa is so productive, giving 1500-4000 g per plant. Apart from that, Jamaica Sativa is comparatively easy to handle and possesses immunity against molds and fungi. While flowering, buds give an intense tropical fruit smell. Most insect parasites are rejected by resin that these plants abundantly produce.

Jamaica Sativa is the tallest strain in our collection. Grown out of doors, these plants may reach 3,5-4 m. Indoor setups somewhat reduce their height, but this strain requires a lot of space both for its upper part and root system. Since cannabis grows as big as the roots are given space, Jamaica Sativa needs huge pots to grow a healthy and fruitful plant. This strain was developed from Jamaican cannabis that the local cannabis lovers use for playing music and hanging out. Marley Seedbank breeders left the original stain almost unchanged, only stabilizing it.

Smoking Jamaica Sativa results in the purest cerebral high along with physical stimulation, and disposition for enthusiastic communication, motion, activity. Perfect cannabis for meditation and creativity. Tastes sour and somewhat sweet. Therapeutic administration of Jamaica Sativa can be efficient against feeding disorders, depression, migraine and headache, posttraumatic stress syndrome.

Grow peculiarities