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jack herer auto cannabis seeds

Jack Herer, named after the famed author and marijuana advocate, is a powerful sativa. This strain will keep you motivated, focused, and inspired.

For some, this strain has become their “morning medicine.” If you find yourself waking up with a tired, groggy, and cloudy brain, Jack Herer is the answer. It makes you feel happy, focused, and energized. Needless to say, this is not the best strain to smoke right before bed. Jack Herer marijuana seeds are insanely popular and easy to find around town. Most dispensaries and online seed banks will have Jack Herer in stock.


If you’re new to smoking marijuana, we suggest starting with a milder sativa. Jack Herer is no joke when it comes to waking up the mind and keeping you busy. This is not the strain to go for if you’re looking for a chill night at home — unless your goal is to rearrange furniture for hours and deep clean the entire place. Jack Herer will keep you buzzing with energy, productivity, creativity, and focus. Consumers say Jack Herer is a great substitute for caffeine.

Jack Herer is one of the most popular marijuana strains. Those who recognize the name may have heard of the marijuana activist this strain is named after. Jack Herer, the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, was a famed marijuana advocate — so much so that they named a strain after him. Jack Herer marijuana seeds are a cross between a Haze hybrid, Northern Lights, and Shiva Skunk. This combination allows for a powerful mental high. You’ll experience ultimate cerebral elevation moments after lighting up.

Description: Jack Herer, named after the famed author and marijuana advocate, is a powerful sativa. This strain will keep you motivated, focused, and inspired.

Original Auto Jack Herer can be grown closely together in a Sea of Green, and also be grown multiple times per years outdoors. She performs very well outdoors in colder weather, however, can achieve outstanding results in a hot climate. She may take a little longer to trim the buds than normal, yet will reward you will an abundance of sugar leaf so get your trim buckets ready.

Her buds are long and fat with a mass of swollen calyxes that are heavy-set throughout the bud. The buds are very large and coated with bright orange hairs and drenched with trichomes. A truly impressive specimen that resembles more Sativa in structure as she has such a large size and density.

The effects after smoking Jack Herer Auto are very pleasant and allow you to quickly unwind while maintaining a focused and alert mindset. As she is a fine balance of Indica and Sativa, she is absolutely perfect for smokers with a low tolerance, or are new to smoking Cannabis due to the upbeat and euphoric effects. Also a great strain for waking up with a clear head and getting through a long day stress-free, and works fantastically for gaming, musicians, and artists.

Grow Tips

A medium-sized strain that will grow between 70-90cm in height, despite her Sativa background, growers with short spaces can produce exceptional yields of beautiful buds. As she flowers, her growth structure will be multi-side branches that over the space of 9 weeks will fill out from top to bottom. When she starts flowering, there will be a prolific amount of white pistils, that will be an indication of how productive this girl is. Trichomes ooze from every part of the buds, meaning this strain is strongly recommended for hash heads. She produces a wonderful aroma when blooming that can be described as peppery, spicy, fruity with a hint of mango and citrus.

A sincerely unique combination that takes on an earthy-sweet, smooth spiced, pepper, and citrus edge. A very savory-sweet flavor that expresses the full spectrum of floral and fruit terpenes. A mix of sweet, peppery, fruity, and spicy.