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italian cannabis seeds


Tap water is suitable for growing in most parts of the country. In some regions, the amount of chlorine might require you to let the water rest in a container overnight. In most urban areas, water pH is slightly alkaline, thus a little “pH down” might be needed to obtain the perfect acidity for your cannabis plants. Make sure to gather information on any water source other than public water before using it for your crop. Also, make sure your operation is well-hidden, and stay safe during your trips in and out of the garden.


Cannabis light is a commercial definition for industrial hemp with less than 0.2% THC. This tasty hemp has experienced great success in recent years, with an initial market of hundreds of thousands of customers, and hundreds of growers and dealers trying to set up a supply chain within this “grey area” of the law.

However, like many other countries, Italy is gradually opening up to the idea that cannabis is not such a bad thing.

The Italian peninsula can be climatically divided into six regions. Cannabis can thrive in most of the regions, but the grower must consider potential climate issues in each one before buying seeds.

Hemp Light is not considered an amazing substance because it does not contain THC or contains it below the legal limit.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The Gelato Cannabis seeds come from a selection of Certified Carmagnola seeds and are created by working on varieties of Legal Industrial Cannabis for cultivation in Italy.

Gelato Seeds of Marijuana CBD Feminized – Carmagnola.

Caution:Hemp light is defined in the “Biomass” category and is intended only for research and development or technical use. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. The internal rules of the company prohibited the sale to minors of 18 years.

By purchasing this product you claim to be over 18 years old.

Store in a cool and dry place, preferably in the dark.

The sale of industrial hemp flowers has reason to exist because the inflorescence is regulated according to the law of 2 December 2016 n. 242 (entered into force on January 14th 2017) concerning the provisions for the promotion of the cultivation and the agro-industrial chain of Hemp. It is also excluded by law 309/90 on narcotics as the values, certified by the manufacturer, have a THC equal to 0.2% but always lower than 0.6% (legal limit 0.6%) and CBD 4/99% (has no legal limits). In addition the decree law of 2015 on therapeutic cannabis, which distinguishes and defines the therapeutic prescribed with the exclusive trade under the protection of pharmacists subject to medical prescription, therefore excludes non-therapeutic such as these inflorescences that come from industrial hemp cultivation.

Italy is one of those countries where at-home cannabis cultivation really thrives, all thanks to the laid-back attitude of its citizens and a Mediterranean climate that creates the perfect conditions for cannabis to grow and yield big. It would be a shame not to use such an advantage, right? Well, Italians make the most of it and cultivate not only many varieties of marijuana, but also their own cannabis culture. Word of mouth spreads quickly here, and every Italian grower knows what cannabis seeds they can trust for their harvest. This knowledge translates into orders from our customers from Italy, so we’ve gathered the hottest cannabis seeds in Italy on one page for you to have another source of top-grade marijuana genetics.

While Italy hasn’t yet presented their own seed banks or cannabis strains to the world, this country definitely has some firm favorites, all of which can be found in this collection. Sativas make the top of the list, as they thrive in the Italian climate and can fully realize their potential there. Indicas, however, aren’t that rare to see in Italian gardens either! Here are some of the marijuana strains that Italy adores the most:

Apparently, Italians are not only crazy about their exquisite cuisine and trend-setting fashion, because the Apennine peninsula is one of the main destinations for cannabis seeds from breeders all over the globe. A Mediterranean climate is arguably the best to grow cannabis in, so Italy has the perfect conditions to try most cannabis strains and pick only the most outstanding cultivars as their favorites. In this Herbies collection, you can browse through dozens of top-grade cannabis strains that are the hottest in Italy now. Pick some of these cannabis seeds for yourself and wait for great results come harvest time.

Cannabis In Italy: The Country You Can Trust

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