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is montreal cannabis seeds legit

My earlier post did not appear to register – just posting another warning on "True North" seedbank. I paid extra to ensure delivery and the seeds did not arrive – taken by US Customs.

Ordered from True North Seed bank with a credit card and seeds came in an envelope without any stealth whatsoever! Just breeder packs saying exactly what the seeds were, in an envelope. If the envelope even ripped during shipping you would be able to clearly see the labels and know what was inside. I couldnt believe it, Ive never seen such poor packaging from a seed bank. Just because youre in Canada doesnt mean that stealth doesnt matter to me! They just dont care!

guest United States, May 2019

Ordered(5) Cannatonic seeds and were delivered reasonably quickly with (2) bonus recreational varieties. ZERO% germination on the Cannatonic "packaged in original Resin sealed packaging" but 1 of the recreational samples did in fact germinate and take off. I have experience with growing flowers and vegetables from scratch for decades and cannabis a few times over with good results under a decent starting setup. I must therefore assume that this seed was either old or exposed to undue temperature stress. This grower has a broad disclaimer and will not under any circumstances guarantee viablitiy of seed. Given the fact that I had 100% germination on last years crop of Resin Cannatonic I will not use this supplier again. Spend a little more initially and save yourself the headache. I will from now on!

received seeds put them in spring water and they disintegrated , gone just a stain the people cannot be trusted

Most (but not all) of their prices are a bit on the high side and shipping is higher than any other seed bank I?ve seen but you can get some good deals if you spend some time looking around the site, comparing prices, and wait for one of their sales or their buy-one-get-one-free offers even with the shipping cost added in.
Ive ordered from them 3 times without any problems. I will add that if you try to get in touch with them via their toll-free number, you will be put on hold indefinitely so Id recommend using another method.

I wanted to leave a review for this webstore because I was impressed with the germination rate of the seeds sent to me. 100% germination which is something in and of itself! How they turn out from here on in, is up to me. Thanks MCS for the great seeds. I would highly recommend you to my friends. Cheers, from British Columbia!

I'm not new I worked at a very successful hydroponic store for over ten years and one strain having no success when all the others went gang busters tells me something was not right. Stuff happens I get that and was not mad until they blew off my request for help information etc

I am against the cultivation of cannabis

I read the reviews before ordering but my experience was not great. I ordered 2 strains I got them and 2 free seeds one strain only one plant actually grew I contacted them asking if I needed to treat the one strain different for some reason as I was not experiencing good results I got no reply.

Shipping was very very expensive for a few seeds the service sucked the price was par for everywhere online so be careful with these guys when all's good it's great but if it's not ok your screwed and out a lot of money with shipping.
I'd expected more and I'm very disappointed.

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