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is it legal to sell cannabis seeds in massachusetts

In addition to studying your state’s regulations, you should also join local cannabusiness groups and meet with a local cannabis business attorney for assistance. There is no such thing as going into the marijuana business too prepared. Once you are ready to take the step of legally buying cannabis seeds, you have a few options to choose from.

In the United States, cannabis seeds cannot cross state lines because marijuana products are still illegal under federal law. Though rare, transporting the products across state lines could result in federal criminal charges. This is true even if you are purchasing cannabis seeds in a state that authorizes it and entering a state that also authorizes it.

It’s Best to Shop Local, but Buying Online Is an Option

If you live in a state that permits the sale of marijuana seeds, your best bet is to shop locally for high-quality seeds. This means visiting a dispensary, local farmers market, or seed company in your state to make your purchase. There, you can get the in-person help you need to make your purchase legally.

You shouldn’t have any trouble buying cannabis seeds in another state or country if it’s legal there. It’s bringing the seeds back to your home state that can get you into trouble.

The same is true for buying cannabis seeds in another country. It may sound like a great idea to buy cannabis seeds while visiting one of the world-renowned marijuana seed banks that exist in places such as the Netherlands or the United Kingdom. But when you re-enter the U.S. with your goods, Customs and Border Protection will seize any seeds they find, even if your plane landed in a state where they are legal. Again, it goes back to marijuana being illegal under federal law.

If you own your home, you’re good. For those who rent, keep in mind that landlords can set their own policies and may legally restrict cannabis cultivation. Check your lease to see if anything is written, and if you’re unsure, ask your landlord.

Are you an adult 21 and over? You can grow up to six plants in your home. Married? Living in sin? Got a couple roommates? A household that consists of more than one 21+ adult is allowed to grow up to 12 plants. But that’s it! No more, regardless of how many grad students you can stuff in an old Victorian.

Who Can Grow?

If you’re feeling generous, you can also gift your stash. While you can’t legally sell anything you harvest, state law says you can gift up to an ounce of cannabis flower at a time to other adults 21 and older.

If you’re all about concentrates, there are plenty of other options to explore. Try making hash by hand, pressing rosin, or even whipping up a batch of bubble hash.

Here’s where it gets a little tricky. Sure, you can head down to your local grow store (more on that in a future article) or even online and stock up on lights, fans, and a grow tent… but what about the plants themselves?

My worry is that by welcoming giant corporations to run the Massachusetts cannabis industry, the people could unknowingly be surrendering their access to seeds. And not just the seed itself, but the genetics contained within a seed’s DNA.

But I didn’t feel a shared sense of victory with the people on the screen. I’m concerned cannabis consumers are choosing convenience over sustainability.

Genetic breeders also offer “feminized” seeds — as female cannabis plants produce the flower. Planting random seeds will usually yield both male and female cannabis plants. If you do not separate the two sexes early enough, the male plants will pollinate the females, causing them to produce seeds and a much lower-quality cannabinoid than non-pollinated female plants. Male plants are mostly used for cross-breeding strains. If a male pollinates a growroom, the grow is typically terminated, and all is lost. Ordering feminized seeds alleviates the time-consuming process of growing plant after plant, until finding a female.

The benefit of ordering seeds from an online seed bank is the ability to choose the strain best suited for your needs. Difficult-to-find strains, such as those high in CBD, can be found at any major seed bank.

This leaves prospective cultivators with few options for obtaining seeds — hoping a friend has a source, attending cannabis-centric events, and the most common method, ordering them illegally from online seed banks.