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is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in ireland

However, marijuana legalization doesn’t seem to be a preference for the Irish parliament at the moment. So it won’t happen soon. Ireland will probably not legalize cannabis for recreational usage until the late 2020s or the 2030s.

After an arrest, the weed sample is sent to the Police Forensic Science Laboratory for examination. Given the time and money involved, it is exceptional for the gardai to push for pursuance in minor cases.

So, weed is accessible to get a hold of in Ireland. This suggests that the Irish administration should manage the trade to defend its civilians and tax it to expand its budget.

Will Ireland Legalize Cannabis in the Future?

Besides, 74.5 percent of the respondents admitted that people should use marijuana for medical benefits, so the current policy of the country on medical marijuana could be developed.

In June 2019, the Ireland Minister of Health signed off on a program to promote access to medical marijuana products for five years. This is an essential first piece of marijuana legislation, but will Ireland authorize cannabis for good? Read on to find out.

Moreover, the recent actions taken to make medical marijuana more widely available signify that opinions are changing.

Moreover, Irish laws do not ban the production, distribution, and sale of cannabidiol (CBD) . The government knows that CBD does not generate psychoactive effects. That is why they support the sale of CBD products that have THC concentrations less than 0.2 percent.

Although this species has a slightly longer flowering time than an average autoflower, the Blue Cheese is very suitable for the climate of Ireland. Moreover, the plant doesn’t grow that tall so you can grow unnoticed. Blue Cheese is known for its fairly calming effect and is a wonderful weed for daily use. In addition, easy to grow and a nice outdoor harvest that can reach up to 400 grams per m2.

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Many of our visitors from Ireland wonder if cannabis seeds are legal. The answer is actually quite simple. Cannabis seeds are legal but cannabis itself isn’t. Both the possession and sale of cannabis seeds is therefore completely legal and doesn’t fall under the drugs law as long as they are not germinated. Germinating the seeds and growing cannabis plants is in fact prohibited unless you have a permit from the Minister for Public Health. We therefore only sell the seeds as a souvenir. Do you decide to germinate the seeds? Then this is totally on your own risk.

Top 3 best cannabis seeds to grow in Ireland

Although no marijuana species is invincible, growers should be well informed about the type of seed so that they choose a species that is suitable for the climate of Ireland. However, the climate is not the only thing that you have to take into account. Also the law is important.

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Are you curious about what you should pay attention to and which cannabis seeds you can choose best for growing outdoors? Then read this blog about cannabis seeds Ireland.

Different points of interest apply for breeding in Ireland. Do you want to prevent problems? Then check the most important points of attention below.

On Thursday, Britain downgraded cannabis to a Class C drug, meaning it will be on a par with illegal possession or trafficking of such controlled drugs as anabolic steroids or valium. Cannabis has not been legalised, but arrests for smoking cannabis are now discouraged and the maximum penalty, should the police decide to prosecute, has been reduced from five to two years.

“We’re quite happy with how the law stands,” he says. “In the UK, even after reclassification, in theory you can still get a tougher prison sentence than here, so in many ways they are more or less coming into line with how we are.”

CIA is calling not only for a review of the laws in light of the UK changes but for a move to the Amsterdam model of legalisation in order to take control away from criminal gangs and make the drug taxable. At the moment, it says, otherwise law-abiding people are being criminalised.

Cannabis Ireland Alliance (CIA) is the leading pro-legalisation group, its website leading with Daniel O’Connell’s aphorism that “nothing is politically wrong that is morally right”. It includes information (on bad cannabis currently on the market) and articles, including one that takes Bertie Ahern to task for asserting that “marijuana is the most addictive drug of all”.

In Cannabiz, in Dublin’s Temple Bar, you can buy cannabis seeds that have been legally imported from the Netherlands. Smokers might recognise such popular varieties as Northern Lights and Skunk. The shop also does a legitimate trade in varyingly elaborate bongs. It is not against the law to sell any of these items, but it is to put them all together and grow or smoke drugs. Cannabiz has signs pinned on every counter warning customers that these are novelty items and that the shop does not, in any way, encourage people to break the law. In the twilight zone that is the attitude to cannabis in Ireland, Cannabiz and other such “head shops” scattered about Ireland sit, somewhat unsteadily, in the middle.