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is growers choice a trustworthy cannabis seed retailer

Quebec Cannabis Seeds deliver high-quality strains to Canada, the USA, and worldwide. The company claims to have a wide variety of phenotypes and seeds that can also sustain in the harshest climate of the United States. They offer a wide range of strains that include CBD strains, Fast Versions, Outdoor Strains, Feminized Seeds, Autos, and Mixed Packs.

ILGM has literally disrupted the cannabis market competition and set itself apart greatly from other weed retailers. And, the main factor behind its success is not just the quality of seeds but also includes premium user experience on all fronts, be it customer service, germination guarantee, grow guides, exclusive discounts, guaranteed shipping, and many more.

#1 – I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) Reviews – The best overall seed bank in 2021

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) was founded by Joe Green in Amsterdam, the marijuana capital of the world, and has been operational in the cannabis industry since 1996. The 25 years of vast experience have helped the company become one of the biggest marketplaces for buying marijuana seeds.

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Now that’s what I call legitimate!

However, if you have a limit on how many plants you can grow – which is often determined by the available space as well as the laws in your specific state – you will only want female plants. Therefore, you will need to purchase feminized seeds. These seeds are produced by breeding two female cannabis plants so that all the seeds only contain XX chromosomes.

All seeds are packaged shipped discreetly – if the seeds don’t get to you, you will get another package for free. Over 100 different strains are available, and the website is worth a visit. The company has hundreds of helpful articles and grow guides, which can be super helpful when you are just getting started.



Largest Strain Collection

If it’s the first time you are growing seeds, congratulations – you are going to love it. Growing your own marijuana plants is a great way to produce your own supply as well as to begin your gardening experience. Purchasing seeds online can be daunting and stressful, but there are plenty of seed banks that ship to the US.

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