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is 80 f too hot for cannabis seeds

Maintaining the ideal temperature for your marijuana plants when using a grow tent is not always the easiest thing to do. This is because marijuana plants require different temperatures at different stages of their growth.

Too much heat can be a real problem. When marijuana plants are exposed to extremely high temperatures, they are susceptible to:

How to grow marijuana in extremely high temperatures

The good news is marijuana plants do not stop developing when there is too much heat. However, their growth will slow down. This is because too much heat affects the process of photosynthesis. The activities of the enzymes are also stunted, and the plants produce very few proteins. However, if it is exposed to heat for long durations, your plant might end up dying.

When the marijuana grow room temperature is above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, photosynthesis will be affected; however, the plant will still produce sugar. For the sugars to be distributed throughout the plant, the plant temperature should be above 20ºC or 60ºF. In the case of sugars, heat is a good thing. If the plant is not warm enough, the sugars will be stuck, and the plant will suffer. Once the plant is warm enough, the sugars will be distributed to their respective places.

If you are growing indoors using a tent, the marijuana grow tent temperature is a crucial factor in whether your plants merely survive or thrive. To create and maintain the ideal temperature in a grow tent, start by ensuring you have ventilation. Fans are a great way to do this in a grow tent, or you could use air conditioning in a larger grow room. Your focus should be on any heat that is near your plants since excessive heat can cause heat stress. Most of the time, growing lights are the main heat source to be concerned about.

Unlike colder temperatures, it would take a lot for a cannabis plant to die purely from an overheated grow room. However, too much warmth can have a serious impact on the length of time it takes to grow your plants.

If any of the problems listed below apply to what you are seeing in your grow room, it may be time to turn that heat down!

Hot Grow Room?

Last week, we released an article detailing what can happen in your grow room if temperatures get too cold. Well, since we want to ensure that we offer comprehensive information about all topics of cultivation, this week we will be focusing on what can happen if the temperatures in your grow room are too hot!

During the flowering stage of the cultivation process, you must ensure that your grow room temperature does not exceed 75°F. Temperatures exceeding this can do irreparable damage to the potency, smell and taste of your plants. If you want to guarantee that your grow reaches its full potential, keeping an eye on the temperature during flowering stage is essential.

When it is time for the flowering stage, you can slightly reduce the temperature of your grow room to 70-80F (20-26c). Always remember that there should be around a 10 degree difference between night and day temps if you want to achieve the best results.