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Heirloom: This category is for “landraces” that have undergone several generations of selection in the West. Typically, this results in higher THC levels than would be normal for true traditional domesticates, which are maintained by less intensive methods of selection and cultivation. For example, an heirloom such as ‘Deep Chunk’, which was inbred by Tom Hill for four decades, has markedly lower CBD and much higher THC than the actual hashish domesticates employed in Afghanistan. To the best of our knowledge, none of the heirloom cultivars offered here have been outcrossed.

Heirlooms can trace their roots to the cannabis connoisseurs of the 60s and 70s who trekked through the Hippie Trail to get hold of landraces. They brought the seeds home, cultivating them under different growing conditions. Eventually, they started cross-pollinating the strains, giving birth to novel hybrids.

While browsing the catalogues of cannabis seed banks, you may have come across landrace marijuana strains. Some of the more popular ones include Acapulco Gold, Durban Poison, Hindu Kush, and Pure Afghan.

Since heirlooms have never been cross-bred with other strains, they are often pure Sativa or Indica. They give growers and breeders the opportunity to enjoy pure, unadulterated genetics impossible to obtain from hybrids.

Where Heirloom Strains Originated

Another possible reason for this rarity is that breeders and seed banks treat their collection of heirloom strains as trade secrets. They would rather use them to create hybrids rather than make them available to the public. Whether or not this is a bad thing is a conversation for another day.

Marijuana landrace strains are the oldest strains in the world. They grow naturally and without human interference. Over time, as the plants adjust to their unique environments, their genetics stabilize. Since landraces have never been contaminated by other species (by cross-breeding), their genetics are deemed pure.

The word “heirloom” is defined as something valuable handed down from one generation to another. In cannabis culture, it refers to strains that have existed for decades without being crossed with other strains. They are valued for their purity and history. While heirlooms are similar to landraces, there are differences.

Heirlooms are as close as one can get to landraces – the OG of cannabis strains. Their importance to the preservation of the species cannot be understated. Without heirlooms, some indigenous strains would have been lost forever. Due to wars, (especially Afghanistan), natural disasters, global warming, commercialization of land, and the destructiveness of the war on drugs, landraces have never been so endangered.

We strive to collect Landrace/Heirloom genetics from around the world.

Indian Landrace Exchange is a collective of Indigenous frontline farmers, seed collectors, and preservationists from Central and south east Asia Who collect, document, preserve, select and strive to improve these landrace and heirloom Genetics for the present and future, yet constantly strive to empower the Indigenous Communities through a holistic Landrace exchange programme, which connects The East to The west, on a “Silk route to salvation” of Cannabis Genes. Our Existence as a collective is an Organic by-product of a healthy, prosperous and symbiotic relationship with cannabis regions and their inhabitants, who allow us to visit year on year and hunt/gather the seeds to record important data for everyone in the cannabis community and beyond. Our relationship as an exchange between both of these worlds serves as a seamless pathway to learn, appreciate and benefit from each others learnings and resources, while ethically & respectfully engaging in a fair trade system.


We strive to bring back those genetics and document the specifics about nature and nurture.

We strive to select the best individuals to propagate inbred and out crossed lines.

We strive to improve the genetic expression through selection.