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importing cannabis seeds into south africa

Generally, the suppliers overseas are considered more reliable and provide higher quality produce than the suppliers in South Africa. This is because the growing of dagga in South Africa has only been recently legalised, whereas suppliers from other countries have had more experience. For example, the use of cannabis in the Netherlands has already been tolerated from the second half of the twentieth century.

The Constitutional Court’s judgment implies you are only allowed to use cannabis when you plant your own cannabis seeds. This gives rise to a new question: is it legal to import cannabis seeds from a overseas seed bank? The judgment implies that this question can be answered affirmatively. As it is now allowed to grow your own cannabis, it can logically be deduced that it is therefore also allowed to purchase cannabis seeds. These seeds can be bought locally, but can also be imported from a seed bank overseas when you have a phytosanitary document.

While some aspects of the judgment of the Constitutional Court still remain hazy, one thing is clear as daylight: it is now allowed to use cannabis in the context of a personal home provided that this cannabis is grown by the user himself. As stated before, the required cannabis seeds can be bought locally, but it may be more advisable to import the cannabis seeds. Would you like to give importing a try? In that case you have to find a reliable weed seed bank that sells fresh, top quality seeds for an affordable price and that ships to your country (preferably at a small price). That is where Weedseedsexpress comes in.

Importation of cannabis seeds in South Africa

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In this article “Cannabis seeds South Africa“, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the legality of cannabis and cannabis seeds in South Africa. Are cannabis seeds legal in South Africa? Is it legal to smoke marijuana? Where can you buy cannabis seeds and which seed bank is shipping to South Africa? Continue reading and find out!

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With more than 190 million cannabis users worldwide, cannabis is the most popular drug in the world. From Amsterdam to Reykjavík and from New York to Cape Town – cannabis is used (and loved) all over the globe.

Sales manager Natasha Nkonjera commented: “We sold out of our first batch of stock within 10 days of its release, and at the moment we brewed 100,000 litres for the next batch, which we’ve sold out already, so we’ve doubled that to 200,000 litres for the next batch. So it’s absolutely incredible.”

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Whoever said 79% of south African weed is poisoned, where did you get the control from. Oh you tested how much of what you could find and put a number on it. 79% of undefinable is what again? Sorry I only have std 8…

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If you give someone seeds as a gift could you get in trouble?

We’re not qualified to give legal advice, but given that seeds are legal to possess in South Africa, it seems unlikely. However, you should check with a qualified legal professional before doing anything where you think there may be a risk.

If you are travelling to South Africa (or are a resident of the country), it is useful to know the following:

Some believe that this change to the law will lead to the commercialisation of cannabis in South Africa. Already, some companies are gearing up to make the most of it.

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Marijuana advocates are hopeful that once legislation is passed in line with this court ruling, this could be a huge step towards overall decriminalization and eventually, legalization of the use of cannabis, as well as growing and buying cannabis seeds in South Africa. With so many places around the world opting for legalization, the stigma around cannabis use is becoming less and less prevalent.

The purchase and sale of cannabis

In 2019, tourists are generally not targets for South African police. Instead, the police are focusing their energy and resources on crystal meth. When wandering around South Africa, if you’d like to get the attention of someone selling cannabis, you can rub your fist in your palm, or you can say “chise iree.”

The Central Drug Authority (CDA) in South Africa handles drug policy across the area. As per the South African Position Paper on Cannabis, the government there takes the official position that prohibition is a must to maintain good public health. Critics of the report and laws prohibiting buying cannabis seeds in South Africa explain that cannabis causes almost no toxicity and there are no known overdoses of it.

In South Africa, cannabis is illegal; it is classified as a Schedule 7 narcotic. But with its huge underground cannabis industry, the country is facing pressure to work hard reduce the amount of weed and cannabis seeds in South Africa. For this reason, cartels appear to be moving their cannabis production to Western Africa and are now only operating in limited parts of South Africa. In recent years, U.S. counter-narcotics teams have been specifically targeting Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Senegal, as well as giving special training to the South African police.