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import cannabis seeds to south africa

Generally, the suppliers overseas are considered more reliable and provide higher quality produce than the suppliers in South Africa. This is because the growing of dagga in South Africa has only been recently legalised, whereas suppliers from other countries have had more experience. For example, the use of cannabis in the Netherlands has already been tolerated from the second half of the twentieth century.

With more than 190 million cannabis users worldwide, cannabis is the most popular drug in the world. From Amsterdam to Reykjavík and from New York to Cape Town – cannabis is used (and loved) all over the globe.

First of all, the judgment does not specify the amount of cannabis a person is allowed to possess and use: it only requires that the use of the cannabis is “personal” and that the cannabis is used “at home.” This implies that a person is allowed to possess as much cannabis as he wants, as long he stays within these boundaries. However, it is improbable that this was the intention of the Court. For this reason, further rules regarding the allowed amount of cannabis can be expected.

Importation of cannabis seeds in South Africa

The Constitutional Court’s judgment implies you are only allowed to use cannabis when you plant your own cannabis seeds. This gives rise to a new question: is it legal to import cannabis seeds from a overseas seed bank? The judgment implies that this question can be answered affirmatively. As it is now allowed to grow your own cannabis, it can logically be deduced that it is therefore also allowed to purchase cannabis seeds. These seeds can be bought locally, but can also be imported from a seed bank overseas when you have a phytosanitary document.

However, the legality of this soft drug differs from country to country. While some countries criminalise the purchase, possession and use of cannabis and punish offenders, other states have decided to legalise or tolerate the drug. As the consequences of using cannabis can differ greatly from one country to another, it is important to make sure the use of cannabis is legal in your country.

Moreover, it is important to note that it is still a criminal offence to sell and purchase cannabis. This implies that you are only able to take advantage of the ruling of the Constitutional Court if you plant your own cannabis seeds. Green thumbs are thus essential for those interested in smoking weed. However, again, it is unclear how much marijuana one is allowed to grow and possess. It is therefore advisable to stick to a small amount and to keep an eye out for any new laws and/or rulings.

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The History of Legality of Marijuana in South Africa

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds online, you still have to stay vigilant since the Constitutional Court’s judgment about this concern is a bit hazy. Cannabis seeds can be bought locally but it’s recommended that you import them. But you have to be very careful though when buying cannabis seeds online since not all of them are trustworthy.

It really depends on the strain that you’re going to buy. The higher the quality of the strain is, the more expensive they are. You can buy a bag of cannabis seeds from stores or suppliers for as little as R25 or you can also find seeds that can cost you more than R1000.

The judge in the High Court of Western Cape ruled that the prohibition on private or personal use of cannabis constituted an infringement on the people’s constitutional right to privacy. And in 2018, the highest court in the country, which is the constitutional court, the existing ruling was ratified. At the moment, the personal use of cannabis within one’s private home is now legal.

There’s no specific amount of cannabis that an individual can use or possess in South Africa. However, the government emphasized that it should only be for personal use only and should be taken at home. You can use or consume as much marijuana as you can so long as you stay within your home. But the government said that they are still planning to improve the law regarding the amount of cannabis that an individual can possess.