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hybrid cannabis seeds uk

Again, due to the nature of hybrid cannabis strains, a wide range of growth patterns are demonstrated. We recommend cultivators also research their chosen strain to best care for it; some may require trimming and some flower earlier than others.

Typically, cultivators should expect varying flowering times, due to the nature of their unpredictable parentage. Furthermore, many of these potent plants offer high yields to caring cultivators. These yields often contain a bounty of potent buds, with users citing a blend of effects from both Indica & Sativa.

However, hybrids tend to mix the best of both, with sometimes just a splash of Indica or Sativa. More often than not, hybrid strains will lean towards one side of the spectrum, demonstrating either Indica or Sativa dominant traits. Those seeking something else, feel free to discover our impressive Indica cannabis seed range; or take a look at our Sativa cannabis seeds.

Hybrid Cannabis Seeds UK

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Discover our ever-expanding range of hybrid cannabis seeds; brought to us by a variety of incredibly gifted breeders. The genetic mastery on offer here really is something else. Hybrids are a great way to get the best of both worlds, combining both indica & sativa strains.

Alternatively, feel free to browse our cannabis seed bank, featuring all of our seeds from renowned breeders. We insist that all our customers should follow the laws set by their country, state or province. Any and all seeds sold for novelty purposes only. The British Seed Company also take no responsibility if seeds sold used in any form considered illicit or illegal to relevant authorities.

Afghani X South African genetics

Gelato X Sherbet

Snow Bud®

Mad Scientist X Voodoo

First decide whether you want old school regular hybrid seeds, feminised hybrid seeds or autoflowering hybrid seeds. Also consider the relative importance of potency vs yield vs taste and spend a few moments browsing the hybrid seed options below.

Western Himalayas Hybrid

This system of labelling enables growers to see at a glance whether a specific strain is suitable for outdoor growing in their climate, or whether it will require an indoor or greenhouse environment in order to grow, thrive and fulfil its genetic potential. You can also use the filters in this section to view seeds according to indica / sativa balance, predicted height, yield, price, and (most importantly in this section) climate.

How hard is it to grow cannabis outside?


Outdoor cultivation is the simplest method of growing cannabis, as nature will do most of the hard work. For successful outdoor cannabis growing, it is important to select the right strains for the climate. Choosing the right seeds can make or break a grow! It is difficult to achieve good results with a cannabis strain such as Silver Haze in a cold climate with few hours of sunlight. However, the same strain will thrive if growing outdoors in a sunny, Mediterranean kind of environment. To help you work out which seeds are best for you, we’ve collected all the types of cannabis suitable for growing outside in cooler climates in this Outdoor Cannabis Seeds section.

One of the great advantages of soil growing is that the nutrient requirements of the plants are more easily met that when using artificial mediums like rockwool, and even other natural substrates such as coconut fibre. It can be beneficial to add some fertilizer or use natural compost to really give your harvest an extra boost, but using good earth will often allow the roots to simply draw up the levels of nutrition and trace elements that they require. Along with this capacity, the pH level of soil seldom requires adjusting, and this makes for a much simpler gardening experience that novices and people with limited time or energy can greatly benefit from. All the bud with hardly any of the effort!

In order to find out which seeds are the best ones to grow in an outdoor garden, simply check the climate zones on the map on this page. Whether you have a cool, wet, northern environment with short summers, a warm and more European type climate with average summers, or are blessed with Mediterranean to tropical conditions and hot summers that are many months long, in this section you will be able to find the right seeds to plant and grow in your area.