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humidity dome cannabis seeds reddit

They're in cups I was thinking of putting plastic bags over them as mini humidity domes, is it good for seedlings and for how long?

if you have low RH in the environment, I'd put a dome cover over for 1-2 days being above ground. Then I remove it. Need to have air flow. Don't want too much moisture where its going to possibly introduce over watering. But I do this in a humidity controlled tent set at 60% for seedlings.

Perfect for the seedlings. You won’t have to water much. Couple of sprays will do, seedlings can pull much of the water they need from the air.

I currently have my germinated seeds in a clone dome and they’re currently all pushing through the medium. A couple actually have tossed the shell and is opening up its first set of leaves. I’m confused on the ideal temp/humidity for this stage of the plants life cycle. The dome is currently around 85% and 80f. Any help is appreciated!!

Temperatures with lights on: 70-80 (avoid high temperatures if possible)

You can get away with 55% anything over 60% IMO is potentially bad

Reason: The root system is not established

what's your media?

I open clone and never use domes.

If you have that many trays just make your cloning room your humidity dome.

Domes are for when you cannot control your environment and have a place in hobby grows.

It's not an option right now we are expanding and the room we are in serves as a few different areas for the main grow

VPD works at all stages of growth. My clone area runs 80/80, just slightly cooler and more humid than mother plant conditions, transplant into 1 gal coco/HUGO at 12-14. We run thousands of cuts this way.

What type of medium do you transplant to? Have you considered using aeroponics for cloning? Much faster and of better quality for a little up front investment and near 100% success rate every time, you could do a shit ton at once if you built your own from a couple things at Home Depot. Humidity domes should be used if your room is dryer than 70%RH I’d say the domes should probably still be used for the first week or so though if doing rockwoll since it dries so fast and just for the stomata to take in water easier or at least until you’re positive roots are goin. To clean trays I just use dish soap but you can also use enzyme products like Komplete Enzymes