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hsl cannabis seeds

So, keep this in mind if you’re looking to grow marijuana in the United States.

As the name implies, feminized seeds are female seeds with no male traits. This is a significant advantage because male cannabis lacks the smokable property. There’s a 99% chance that feminized seed will yield female plants (which has the smokeable feature). The key benefit of the feminized seed is its higher probability of producing better yields because of its exclusive female plants.

What are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

However, professional growers in the past decade crossbred the Ruderalis plants with higher THC strains to produce decently potent autoflowering strains. The subject of whether one of autoflower or feminized plant is better than the other has splurged lots of argument among growers. And, unfortunately, there have been no concrete answers/conclusions so far.

However, for feminized seeds, the flowering stage begins when the feminized seed receives 12 hours of light and darkness every day, unlike the autoflower seeds which reaches the flowering stage anywhere from 2-4 weeks after planting.

Your preferences will change as you continue to grow and experiment. Many indoor cultivators currently prefer the feminized seed because they can be cloned and yield high results. Well, if the benefits of both seeds excite you, you might decide to try out both types.

The i49 website also has a free and easy-to-follow germination guide to help you get started. They have a wide variety of strains, both for indoor and outdoor planting. And if you’re just getting started, you can buy their sample pack and see what grows.

Well, it means it’s now easier than ever to purchase quality seeds from a Canadian seed bank for growing. Nevertheless, not all seed banks are created equally, and, like in any industry, there are some shady players that are best to avoid.

To cultivate your own plants at home, you need good seeds. Many reputable Canadian seed banks ship worldwide, but it’s best to source your seeds locally if you’re a Canadian citizen. Plus, you can find all different types of strains, including indoor, outdoor, Sativa, Indica, hybrids, and high THC.

i49 Seed Bank

Since 2012, Crop King has been selling some of the finest cannabis seeds in the world. Crop King’s focus is on quality, and as such, has cultivated some of the best strains available, such as Northern Lights, Purple Kush, Green Crack, and Train Wreck. Overall, Crop King offers over 30 strains.

All told, they carry over 50 strains, including QC Black Gold, AK47, and Jack Herer. However, if you’re more of an experimental grower, you can also get a pack of randomly-selected auto-flowering seeds, which is an excellent option for hobbyists.

That said, if you’re looking for a reputable Canadian seed bank, you can’t go wrong with any of the following vendors. Check out these Canadian seed bank reviews, and may your buds always be big and fluffy!

Dr. Greenthumb is also the seed bank famous for creating their Niagara marijuana strain. They also offer Original Cheese, Dr. Greenthumb, Columbia Skies, Good Dog, and Engles Sky. Their seeds are certified disease and fungus free, and the company cleverly packages their seeds in random objects to prevent your order from being confiscated. Plus, once your order is complete, they destroy all information about it, so there’s no paper trail.