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how to winterize cannabis seeds

Ideally, you want to store your seeds in a cool, dark, and dry place. Whenever possible, keep your seeds in their original packaging. At Royal Queen Seeds, we’ve specially designed our packaging to protect our seeds until you’re ready to plant them.

For short-term storage, a dark cupboard or drawer with stable temperatures is usually fine. Try to keep your seeds out of areas of your house that are susceptible to the natural temperature changes of your local environment.


Yes, cannabis seeds can be stored in the freezer. The lower the temperature, the slower they decline. However, it’s usually not necessary to freeze your seeds. Meet the conditions we outlined above, and you should be able to preserve your seeds for up to five years and still get a high germination rate.

Ziplock bags, for example, are great because you can remove all the air from them to create an almost vacuum-sealed container for your seeds. Once vacuum-sealed, put your bag inside a dark plastic bag or dark container to protect your seeds from your fridge light.

Again, whenever possible, keep your seeds in their original packaging. If you do open a pack of seeds and have leftovers, transfer the extra seeds directly into a sealed airtight container.

Winterized BHO is available in a range of different consistencies, such as shatter. Winterized shatter is a cannabis concentrate that is translucent, glass-like, and very potent.

BHO extraction can be risky and is a job best left to experts. Winterizing BHO can be done at home; however, it should be performed with appropriate caution. The winterization process for BHO requires the butane extract to be blended with ethanol. The solution is then frozen to force undesirable substances to become suspended, so they can be effectively filtered out. If the product is still suboptimal, these steps can be repeated until the solution becomes a golden wash. Finally, the ethanol must be purged from the solution.

A refinement process used to remove fats, waxes, and lipids from extracts. The winterization of oil purifies crude extracts, increasing the quality and flavor of the resultant oil. Cannabis winterization is achieved by mixing cannabis extract with ethanol and freezing the solution to allow the undesirable compounds to solidify. The solution is then passed through a filter, separating, or winterizing, wax , lipids, and fats from the oil. The final step involves removing the ethanol from the solution. The finished product of winterization, also known as de-waxing, is considered a winterized extract.

How to winterize BHO

Winterization can also be used to clean up butane hash oil (BHO), one of the most popular cannabis concentrates. BHO is also sometimes referred to as butane honey oil, for the yellow-gold color it takes on after the butane has been purged.

Winterization can also be carried out on cannabis concentrates that have used liquid carbon dioxide as a solvent instead of butane. The process of winterizing CO2 oil is very similar to the process used for winterizing BHO.

Paper towel method

Direct soil method

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Some growers like to ‘winterize’ the seeds before they start with the germination. Winterization is a process that happens naturally outdoors – as plants mature and they develop seeds that will enable the next generation to grow, they tend to fall off the dying plant and as winter comes, they are covered in snow and in low temperatures during the winter before starting a new life cycle in the spring. So to mimic that behavior, growers expose seeds to lower temperatures, usually putting them in the fridge for a couple of days prior to germination. It helps activate the hormones and enzymes that signal the plant that time for a nice start is coming.

Cannabis growing is a worldwide favorite pastime. A hobby, a job, a source of medicine and much more for always increasing number of people. Final results of your grow depend on a lot of different factors, as your cannabis plants go through different stages of development.

If you’re growing autoflowering cannabis strains, you should transplant the seeds into their final containers. This assures that the plants have enough space to properly develop their root system and, as a result, increases the yield and overall quality of your plants.