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how to use urb natural for cannabis seeds

While the idea of microbial inoculants for stimulating crop production is not new, careful and deliberate design of a formulation to contain multiple, naturally occurring phylogenetic groups of organisms with complementary functionalities and noticeable effects from seed to final flush, with little or no need for added chemical fertilizers and pesticides is innovative.

URB Sciences believes the design of the URB product line is better than any of its competitors since it takes a holistic, synergistic approach to boosting crop yields and decreasing inputs in a sustainable manner. The documented benefits achieved with URB are clearly better than any known competitor.

All liquid formulations are Certified Organic

Hydroponic / Soilless Fertilizer Reduction: a 15-25% nutrient/fertilizer reduction can be incorporated.

Hydroponic / Soilless : Apply URB Natural at a ratio of 5-10ml per gallon and feed once weekly, URB & water only.

URB Natural has a product line containing over 1 nutrient supplements for cannabis, with many organic options to choose from.

The professional team of scientists designed the proven product for marijuana cultivation. URB is a high quality organic microbial nutrient. It suits for any growing medium and method. The product composition contains only natural raw materials and ingredients proven in 80 Universities and 40 countries. That provides safety for you and your plants. The manufacturer approves that using URB will help reduce the need for other products and increase sizes, roots, colors, sheen and trichome coverage. Are you using URB Natural for growing marijuana? Record it on your Grow Diary!

URB Natural Product Line and Feeding Schedule

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URB is safe for anyone to use. With no chemicals in URB is safe to use and safe for your plants. It will help reduce the need for oth..