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how to use gibberellic acid on cannabis seeds

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Using colloidal silver is one of the simplest and most reliable ways of making feminized cannabis seeds. It’s also readily available online and at local pharmacies.

Wait about six weeks to harvest your feminized seeds. You’ll notice the calyxes beneath the buds will be swollen. Seeds will start bursting out of them. Now you can collect your feminized seeds. Once you do so, you don’t need to wait before planting them – they’ll be ready to go immediately!

Equipment You’ll Need

If you’re lucky, after a few more weeks, your plant will pollenate itself. As a result, the seeds that the plant develops will be feminized. This method usually results in fewer seeds than other feminization techniques.

While it might sound like a fun science experiment to feminize weed seeds, remember how dangerous working with chemicals can be. Whenever you’re working with chemicals like colloidal silver and gibberellic acid, safety is your number one priority. Make sure you use gloves and goggles whenever you’re handling these chemicals. In addition, never smoke a plant if you’ve sprayed it with either of these compounds. It might be tempting, but you absolutely don’t want to inhale the chemicals!

The key to feminization lies in a compound called ethylene. It’s a hormone that has several roles in a plant’s life. Notably, ethylene levels determine the sex of a plant. By either reducing the level of ethylene in plant tissues or inhibiting the action of ethylene, you can trick a female plant into turning hermaphrodite and developing pollen – typically a male-only trait. Then, you can use that female pollen to breed with another female plant. The seeds produced by this kind of pairing will be feminized.

Give it a try and share the Info.

The guy that seems trustworthy used the following setup.

You could also try a kelp soak but i dont feel comfortable saying something that might cause you to lose your strain


I know some other crops are getting Gibberellic treatment to induce germination.

He soaked the seeds for about 12 hours in a dark place. From there he went on with papertowel method.
He got rid of the excess water and poured the rest mix + seeds in a lil container with a papertowel in it, closed lid and let this another 12 hours in a dark place. After that he took the seeds to a new plain RO water moistered papertowel in a new lil container for another 12 hours. 80% sprouted and he transplanted to small pots.

I agree if you absolutely cannot lose them you might wana search out the seed kit by monstergardens?
Basically sterilize the seed and soak in what they give you and you sprout in a test tube if i recall correctly.

I watched several videos and there are both, people with success and some without.
But the one who totally fucked up everything up was a guy who used alcohol to dissolve the ga3 and then diluted this with water.