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how to start seeds in dwc setup cannabis

Gently place the germinated seed inside, root down

Don’t use a humidity dome on seedlings unless it’s very dry where you live. If you do use a dome, consider keeping a vent open and watching the humidity. A young seedling doesn’t require high humidity, and they tend to get “wet feet” and stop growing in constantly wet conditions.

If you have a top-feed, place the tube near the bottom of the net pot so the water isn’t soaking the seedling’s roots. You just want water dripping out the bottom so the root can use it for oxygen and water until it’s fully established in the reservoir.

4.) Prepare Hydro System for Its New Guest

I’ve tried a bunch of different germination methods over the years, and the technique I prefer is for hydroponics is starting with the “Paper towel method” to germinate, putting the germinated seeds into Rapid Rooters, and installing the Rapid Rooters directly into reservoir. Lots of other germination methods as well, but this has worked best for me!

Type: sativa
Yield: 400 gr/m²
Flowering period: 8 weeks
Grow Difficulty: easy

With most of the water out, pick the marijuana seeds you want to grow and drop them in the hole about 1/4″-1/2″ down. Carefully squeeze the hole closed and place in a humidity dome. Light isn’t all that important until the marijuana seed sprouts, however its very important to keep the temps around 80F. Warmth will speed up the process considerably.

A few hard shakes will release plenty of water. Making air pockets within the cube itself. These air pockets are very important for marijuana seed growth. By shaking out the cube you keep your marijuana seed from soaking to death. too much moisture will kill marijuana seedlings.

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Get your marijuana seeds ready. When your cubes have soaked up enough water take them to a bathtub. Give them 2 or 3 hardy shakes. DO NOT SQUEEZE OUT!

While some cannabis cultivators simply grow plants in soil, others look into more elaborate growing techniques, such as hydroponics. Deep Water Culture (DWC) is one method of growing cannabis hydroponically that can have many advantages. Find out what makes a DWC grow so rewarding, and how you can set up one of your very own!

An absolute classic, Skunk XL is Royal Queen Seeds’ modern version of the legendary Skunk #1. This 50% sativa/indica hybrid has a well-balanced effect that mixes an uplifting head high with a relaxing body stone. She does well in many conditions including hydro, and takes a particular liking to DWC.


When selecting strains to choose for your DWC grow, you may want to opt for plants that have tried and tested success in hydroponic grows.

Once a DWC system is set up and running, it requires very little everyday maintenance. You can even leave it alone for over 24 hours.

There are no rules set in stone for how often you should renew the reservoir in your DWC. Some growers drain and exchange their water every one or two weeks, although some go longer than that. Whether and when to top-off or exchange your reservoir contents will depend on how much nutrients your plants use.