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how to plant cannabis seeds in hydroponics

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To maintain successful hydroponic farming, growers must become acquainted with every component that ensures a smooth and efficient hydroponic system.

Growing systems are similar when it comes to using the nutrient-rich water solution, but they differ depending on the material used, setup, water exposure, and circulation. Still, farmers can go for DIY systems using buckets, pumps, drills, and air stones. The best growing systems to consider are:

How to Grow Cannabis Seeds Hydroponically

Because most cannabis is light-dependent, farmers should carefully regulate their light during the vegetative and flowering stages. Indeed, this is a crucial step for how to grow cannabis seeds hydroponically.

Although HID lamps offer enough light for plants proper growth, they waste lots of energy and produce excessive heat. As such, farmers should invest in appropriate ventilation systems. These lamps need ballast, which is also worth investing in.

Since the emergence of hydroponic systems, most farmers preferred high-intensity discharge lights (HIDs) like high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) lights. But the recent full spectrum light-emitting diode (LED) grow lights have tremendous success.

g) Net mesh planting pots

When thinking about hydroponics, you might picture a high-tech setup: automated switches, flashing lights, ticking timers. However, the cost of a hydroponic system all depends on how much money you’re willing to splash. They range from a simple plastic bucket all the way to self-draining and flooding systems. To save time, invest in a cheap hydroponic starter kit. These include all of the materials you need to get from seed to harvest. You can purchase one for around £200 (€235).


Rockwool is another popular choice, and is a substance created using volcanic rocks with a wool texture, hence the name. Rockwool has a tremendous capacity to retain water, which allows for good hydration of the upper root system. Rockwool can be placed within a hydroponic basket, but can also be lodged directly into the top of a bucket or tank lid without.

l) Hydroponic nutrients

A wick system is a basic hydroponic setup that uses a growing tray similar to the drip system filled with clay pebbles. Under the tray is a tank of water, from which several wicks exit and enter the growing medium. Water travels up the wicks and passively hydrates the medium. No pump is required for this system.