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how to germinate cannabis seeds in a propagator

Rockwool has a slightly high alkaline content, and will, therefore, need soaking in water adjusted to a PH level between 5.5-6.5. You may also use a weak nutrient solution too such as Formulex in with the soaking liquid.

You will need to make sure the seed is kept moist at all times and should take care not to let the cube/pellet dry out completely. If it’s too wet though, the growing seed will struggle for oxygen and may even rot.

Tip: Airing cupboards are especially good for this purpose, but a warm windowsill will do the job.

Straight into Compost

Where possible it’s recommended to use a specific seed compost. These often have additions such as sand, vermiculite and perlite to improve drainage and aeration. They also only have a low-level nutrient content, which is ideal for the early stages of seed development.

Great! Now that’s covered, let’s talk about some of the different ways you can germinate cannabis seeds:

Two small plates can be used for this – one placed upside down over the other one. Actually, any container will do, provided you can make it light proof.

Once the seed is cracked and a healthy white taproot begins to emerge it will soon need Moisture, Warmth, Oxygen, Nutrients/Micro Nutrients and Light.

Regardless of where you get your seeds from, it is best to give them a slight (and delicate) inspection before planting. Most of the time, all seeds will germinate; however, poor-quality seeds will produce a weaker plant. Unfortunately, that is something you will not find out until well into the vegetative and flowering stages.

The Royal Queen Seeds Feminized Starter Kit contains:


Planting directly into your growing medium prevents having to move seeds when they are at their most fragile. That first root tip is covered with microscopic filaments that are easily damaged. Given that both a cup full of water and moist paper towels are more prone to temperature fluctuations from their environment, planting in soil is a much safer option.


Arguably one of the least effective methods, but it is still viable. Incredibly simple to facilitate, beginner growers may opt to germinate their seeds in a glass of water. Half-fill a glass or bowl with water that is approximately 22°C (71°F).