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how many seeds per ounce cannabis

From experience, we know that 93% of the cannabis seeds grow into a plant. This is of course a very high success rate, but not 100%. So you will have to use extra seeds in order to have the certainty of eventually becoming a weed plant.

To grow weed, you need high quality marijuana seeds. But how many seeds do you need to grow weed? And then there’s the question: how many marijuana plants do you want to grow?

In order to calculate exactly how many cannabis seeds you need, you have to take two determining factors into account:

Feminized seeds

Reading tip: Our blog about ‘Germinating marijuana seeds’ explains how to optimize the success rate to 100%.

Auto flowering seeds are basically feminized seeds, but have the advantage that they flower automatically (read more about the difference between feminized cannabis seeds and autoflower seeds). However, feminized seeds are more expensive than regular seeds. Depending on your budget and growing skills you will choose the type of weed seed.

In addition to the type of cannabis seed, nature always has an influence on the germination process. After all, the cannabis seed is a natural product and this means that not every seed is viable and germinates.

So what if you plan to grow five plants and one or more seeds don’t germinate? Then you won’t achieve the intended yield, and you have to purchase seeds again. It’s therefore wise to use several seeds per plant.

-It is important to supply the cannabis plant with soil nutrients so that it will grow out and bud as needed. As any other plant, it needed Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium to grow out. Likewise, it needed some micronutrients to grow out healthy. Preventing it from getting the right amount of nutrients will likely sacrifice off the growth and budding of your cannabis.

An Indica dominant cannabis variety that produces high yield per plant. This is good for indoor and outdoor cultivation of marijuana with high levels of THC. This is good for its medicinal benefits and is viable on treating anxiety and depression. The buds of this plant have a sweet and citrusy flavor that you will enjoy it.


However, you should remember that the space of the area and the size of the grow lights will affect your plant growth. Congestion of plants into one area could result in malnutrition and damage to all plants since all resides closely with each other.

Every marijuana grower needs to understand each plant yield to calculate the total yield to every harvest. If you are starting a marijuana business, then this will be a helpful guide for you before starting it. But nonetheless, it should be remembered that these numbers are estimated and rather depends on the factors listed above. However, to begin, the yield of every cannabis plant varies according to its location whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

A Sativa dominant cannabis plant that yields tall height (up to 71 inches) and numerous buds. It generates high THC levels and has a medium amount of CBD. It has a lime-like a flavor resembling diesel for which bears its name.