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how many seeds on the average cannabis plant

In addition to the type of cannabis seed, nature always has an influence on the germination process. After all, the cannabis seed is a natural product and this means that not every seed is viable and germinates.

Basically, you need one cannabis seed per weed plant. After all, from one seed a single plant grows. However, it is possible that not every seed germinates. After all, you are dealing with a natural product. It is therefore advisable to have an extra seed on hand.

So what if you plan to grow five plants and one or more seeds don’t germinate? Then you won’t achieve the intended yield, and you have to purchase seeds again. It’s therefore wise to use several seeds per plant.

Feminized seeds

Reading tip: Our blog about ‘Germinating marijuana seeds’ explains how to optimize the success rate to 100%.

We therefore advise you to take into account an average germination percentage of 90% when calculating the number of seeds you need for your cultivation. This gives just that little extra certainty.

With regular cannabis seeds, the genus of the plant has not yet been determined. When choosing regular seeds the chance that the seed will develop into a female plant is about 60%. The chance that the seed develops into a male plant is therefore 40%. And because male plants do not produce buds (read: marijuana), you need several marijuana seeds to increase the chance that you will eventually grow a female plant.

This ultimately determines how many seeds you need. Based on your wishes, you calculate the number of marijuana seeds you need.

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The Scrog Shop built the scrog nets. Then they built a second layer, and an umbrella for them, so there was some rain protection.

When did you plant those seeds?

So how do you do it?

I sprout them in the soil. I get a pot, or even a red solo cup, poke four to six holes in it, put in some soil, put my seeds in, then cover it with soil and water it. A lot of people use the paper towel method and all that but it’s a waste of time.

20lbs of cannabis (wet weight). And while he’s devoting 17.58lbs to freezing for extraction, he’s drying the rest to smoke. He estimates that if he were to dry it all, his crop would yield nearly 8lbs of dry weed (that’s almost 2lbs per plant)!