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how likely are autoflower cannabis seeds to hermaphredite

Do you think you might have a “hermie” threatening to ruin your entire harvest? If so, you’ll need to act fast. In this article, we’ll teach you everything crucial about hermaphroditism in cannabis plants, including how to spot it, deal with it, and prevent it in the future.

The whole production of sinsemilla cannabis is very unnatural. It takes female cannabis plants and forces them to go unfertilised for extremely unnatural amounts of time. This is essentially what forces the plant to rev up its production of THC and terpenes, giving us the extremely potent and aromatic buds we seek.


Using a growing medium that is too acidic or alkaline is another big stressor for cannabis.



Female cannabis plants are distinguished by the development of small white hairs (known as stigmas or pistils) on their nodes.

Hermaphroditism is what allows cannabis to keep on growing when it grows in harsh climates or places when it doesn’t have a good environment. Even though it is something really good for cannabis in nature, most growers don’t really benefit from hermaphroditism.

6. How To Prevent My Plants From Becoming Hermaphrodites?

Pruning aggressively especially during the flowering phase will seriously stress your plant. The best way to perform pruning is during the vegetative phase and even then do it slow and steady.

The following factors should be controlled:

This happens around the same time both in male and female plants, although male plants tend to develop their reproductive organs a bit faster.