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houlton cannabis seed

Our Cannabis Clones are carefully selected from mother plants that contain potency and vigor that we are proud to pass on to our patients and clients. Each and every one of our clones are cut with care to ensure they thrive when you get them to your garden. From the cuts, the healthiest rooted clones are selected and transplanted into a 16oz Root Pouch with a proprietary organic soil blend. We transplant them into Root Pouches, in order to allow the roots to keep growing and provide the fastest growing plant possible. We are so confident in our clones that we offer a 21 Day Replacement Guarantee!

Our years of growing experience allows us to bring you premium clones, consistently. From popular and emerging strains that will perform in a variety of settings. We take extreme pride in our plants and continually adapt our process and selection to meet the diverse needs of Maine growers large or small.

Having a good end crop means getting off to a good start! We have everything you need to get off on the right foot! – Clonify’s unique selection and flexible style has you covered.

Quality. Consistency. Transparency.

As with our clones ,we treat all our seeds with great care and strive to make sure you get quality cannabis seeds in the best condition possible. Good genetics are the cornerstone of a good harvest. In our unique assortment you’re sure to be able to find the strain that’s best for you as we have one of the best selections of Indica, Sativa and hybrid seeds in Maine.

The Marijuana Legalization Act permits adults who are not participating in the state’s medical cannabis program to legally grow and possess personal use quantities of marijuana while also licensing commercial cannabis production and retail sales.

A 2016 ballot initiative, ‘Question 1’, proposed the statewide legalization of marijuana use and sale.

In the U.S. state of Maine, marijuana is legal for recreational use (originally prohibited in 1913). Possession of small amounts was decriminalized in 1976 under state legislation passed the previous year. The state’s first medical marijuana law was passed in 1999, which allowed patients to grow their own plants. The cities of Portland and South Portland decriminalized the possession and recreational use of marijuana in 2013 and 2014.

Maine state cannabis seedbank

Are you looking for a Maine seed bank where you can buy cannabis seeds online in your state? Seeds For Me is Maines top-rated cannabis seed bank, where state licensed recreational producers and home hobbyists alike can find an extensive selection of world-class cannabis hybrids including indica, sativa, auto-flowers, heirlooms, IBLs, and plants with webbed-leaves and pink pistils for sale. Seeds For Me provides verified, viable cannabis seeds to Maine residents, and question 1 patients.