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Even when you’ve purchased your seeds from a reputable seller, there’s no guarantee that all of your seeds are going to germinate. To ensure that you have enough marijuana plants, you should purchase two to four times more seeds than the number of plants you’re looking to grow. Purchasing extra seeds will provide you with wiggle room in case any seeds die off or if any don’t germinate.
If you end up buying regular marijuana seeds, buying extra seeds will account for any seeds that grow into male marijuana plants. Keep in mind that you stay inside of your state’s legal limit for growing marijuana plants.

Illinois is a beautiful place to live, but it certainly can get very cold in the winter. So cold that it can even reach below freezing! With it being so cold, how is it possible to grow marijuana, considering that this plant thrives in warmer temperatures?
Growing your marijuana plants indoors will ensure that you’re able to keep your plants alive and healthy during the cold winter months. Plus, you’ll be able to effectively control the environment that your plants are growing in.

When you go to purchase your marijuana seeds, make sure that you avoid purchasing any seeds that say ‘unstable genetics’. This term means that the origins of the seed aren’t known.
Make sure that you purchase a packet of seeds that have information on where the seeds came from. If the packet of seeds doesn’t have the information, check with the breeder to learn how the seeds were bred and where they came from.
If the breeder refuses to provide you with the history of the seed, avoid purchasing from that dealer. Without the history of the seed, you won’t be able to tell if you’re purchasing high-quality cannabis seeds.

How Can You Tell If the Seeds You Bought Are Healthy?

Over the years, cannabis experts have been able to develop ways to feminize seeds. Feminized seeds will only produce female marijuana plants, which means that you can plant these seeds and start growing your plants for buds.
As an alternative to regular seeds that are easier to manage for beginners, feminized seeds won’t produce any male marijuana plants. Using feminized seed will guarantee that you’re only growing bud producing female plants.
As an end result, you won’t have to dedicate as much time to grow your marijuana plants. This is because you won’t have to take the time to identify the sex of your plants and discard any of the male plants that you end up finding.

You can tell the sex of your cannabis plants by looking in between their nodes, which is where the branches and leaves extend from the stalk of the plant. At around six weeks of age, marijuana plants will begin to grow their reproductive organs. While it can be hard to tell with just your eye, using a magnifying glass will make it easier to identify the sex organs on your plants.

Autoflowering seeds automatically change from a vegetative state to a flowering state with age, without having to depend on the change of a light cycle to develop.
This type of seed has a lessened grow to harvest time, meaning that the bud from this type of seed can be harvested in at little as three months from the time you plant the seeds.

If you’ve decided that you’re interested in growing your own medical marijuana, shopping around for the best seeds for your personal needs can be overwhelming. As a beginning marijuana grower, navigating your way through the thousands of cannabis seeds on the market can be challenging.
Finding the perfect seeds to grow can be especially challenging when it comes to the different degrees of legality that different states offer. Is growing medical marijuana legal in Illinois? How do you get started growing your own medical marijuana?
In this guide, we’re going guide you through buying your first set of marijuana seeds online. Interested in learning how to get started growing marijuana from the comfort of your own home? Keep reading for more!

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On January 1, 2020, Illinois became the 11th state in the U.S. to legalize marijuana for recreational use. With consumers throughout Illinois and surrounding states dropping over $10 million in the first 5 days of recreational sales, and the month of January alone raking in more than $40 million, you can be sure that it is okay to smoke weed in the state. However, no one is allowed to just light up in the street and there is some strict etiquette surrounding the lovely leaf even still.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Illinois?

With Illinois quickly catching up to much of the nation where marijuana laws are concerned, we wonder what John Deere would say to this new cash crop.

For that glorious day when any adult is allowed to grow their own, we recommend that you Buy 420 Seeds. These seeds are just the right mixture for your recreational enjoyment and are backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Cannabis is legal for any adult age 21 and over to use and enjoy. The country is, however, fairly new to legalization, so there is some etiquette we recommend respecting. Though laws are ever-changing, please use marijuana only in places deemed appropriate by the state which is your home, a friend’s home or your place of business. Smoking in public, though you may not get caught, still irks some people, so be aware of that. Also, just because recreational use is legal, does not mean that you ought to go around shouting it from the rooftops. Because of the often overly conservative views of many citizens and employers towards marijuana, you could still get yourself into trouble where livelihood or quality of life is concerned, so be cool!