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hi a question do you sell cannabis seeds in spanish

Among its most sought after products we can mention the Black Bomb, the exotic Tropimango and the exuberant Happy Mix.

The development of its feminized and autoflowering varieties can be compared in quality and performance with those produced in other banks worldwide.

The organoleptic properties that we can obtain in varieties like The Alchemist are high range, in addition to the flowering time being relatively short in relation to similar ones.

Heavyweight Seeds

Based on the Spanish weather, they’ve managed to create plants that are very resistant to heat and have a really exquisite production due to the amount of scents and flavors that these beauties can produce.

They are the best legal option for you to acquire seeds with the best value for money, whether you need special levels of THC or CBD, or require specific flowering times.

To mention Medical Seeds is to talk about a seed bank that has managed to represent the quality of Spanish cannabis growers. This is thanks to the selection of the best cuttings to obtain a material that, truthfully, satisfies the most demanding palates.

In this bank we can get seeds for beginners who want to enter the world of cannabis cultivation, that is, seeds that are quite easy to grow and maintain.

Nowadays, different political parties – availed by the vast majority of the Spanish Society- are willing to completely reformulate the current legal framework in order to regulate its therapeutic use and meet the needs of medicinal cannabis consumers. On the other hand, parliamentary differences are centered in the regulation of marketing and recreational uses; as well as in adding a new regulation to serve as a base for cannabis’ self-cultivation.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, has become one of the most popular cannabinoids with medicinal purposes due to the numerous studies and researches that prove its anti-spasms, anti-emetic, anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective properties, among others. As a result of its thriving rise, plenty of CBD based products have entered the market, for topical, ornamental or dietary uses.

Consequently, growing marijuana can not be considered as illegal as long as examples are well hidden from public view and targeted to self-consumption. State Security Forces are entitled to search private homes and establishments if there are suspicions of profit-making purposes; but of course, they’ll have to be in possession of a court order. The legal bases that avail the growth of cannabis plants is stated in articles 18 and 22 of the Spanish Constitution, which guarantees the legal right to privacy and associative relations. The Magna Carta permits all Spanish citizens to freely perform private activities without authorities’ forays and also the right to join any non-profit organisation.

CBD, The Great Lure

There is a loophole regarding the self-consumption delimitation amount, as there is no precise dose that accounts how much can each person ingest or grow. The CONFAC (cannabis associations federation) suggests a monthly consumption of 60 g per member, but such recommendation is not reflected by any Spanish law.

Canada is a reference when it comes to establishing a new legal framework in Spain. This North American region legalized its consumption in 2018 and regulated sales and distribution methods; becoming the first G20 nation that enabled free marijuana production and consumption.

The European Court of Supreme Justice ruled a new legal frame that facilitates the merchandising of products with CBD and impedes any European member state from prohibiting such activities; as long as the substances have been legally extracted from the cannabis sativa plant in another European country. Nevertheless; the AEMPS (Spanish Agency of Drugs and Sanitary Products) is still reluctant to legalize CBD or at list included among the list of dietary supplements.

The Law on the Protection of Public Safety (from now on LPPS), which has been in force since the first of July of 2015 and is also known as “the Gag Rule”, details that those being in possession of drugs or consuming them in public places will receive a fine that will range between 601-10400 euros, depending on the aggravating circumstances. If the confiscated amounts were aimed at third parties, then it is considered as a crime against public health and therefore; penalized with 3 to 6 years of jail plus a fine that triples the value of the drugs, according to what has been stipulated in article 368 of the Penal Code.

These cannabis clubs have emerged in countries where cannabis consumption has been decriminalized, as is the case in Spain, and I will calmly explain all the steps you need to take to create a cannabis club in Spain and not have any problems.

In addition, it is recommended to join FAC, the federation of cannabis associations, to legitimize its operation, and promote the movement of association in cannabis clubs throughout the country.

⭐ What is a cannabis club?

As the association grows, jobs should be assigned to those who perform functions in the club, such as production, accounting, administration, etc. And receive a salary for it, with a perfectly legal contract.

Welcome dear reader! This week in PevGrow the most prolific marijuana blog in the country, I have a question that I want to shed some light on, and is, how can you create a cannabis club? As Jack the Ripper said, “Let’s go by parts”.

The statutes of cannabis clubs in Spain usually follow the statutes created by the first registered cannabis club, the Basque club Pannagh. Once you have all the documentation ready, you must present it before the registry of your autonomous community, to make it official.