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Although the industry’s had ups and downs, I think the hemp boom could be on its way.

How bad would it be if you entered a trade and couldn’t get out of it?

What Are Hemp Stocks?

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2018 was a landmark year for the hemp industry. That’s when hemp farming became legal in the U.S. again, paving the way for the resurgence of the hemp industry.

Sabrina L Howard

Many investors are weighing their options for getting in on the action.

The major players in this space are already showing significant gains in sales, which leads to a big question for investors. What are the best hemp stocks to buy that are most likely to generate substantial returns?

Hemp-Based CBD Products Taking the Marketplace by Storm

Hemp was used in the manufacture of rope, lamp fuel, clothing, and paper. In some areas, it could be exchanged in lieu of currency.

From cosmetics and skin care creams to dietary supplements, CBD is rapidly gaining popularity among consumers.

Eventually, even Henry Ford began experimenting with hemp, designing an entire auto body from hemp fiber.

There are also different types of marijuana stocks. The three primary ones are:

Also, some marijuana stocks are arguably safer than others. For example, Scotts Miracle-Gro makes most of its revenue outside of the cannabis industry. The company historically sells lawn and garden products, and that market doesn’t face many of the risks associated with cannabis products. Less-aggressive investors might prefer a stock such as Scotts to a more pure-play marijuana stock such as Canopy Growth.

1. Understand the types of marijuana products

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Cannabis growers and retailers

Because of this, I recommend that you monitor any marijuana stocks or ETFs that you buy, along with the overall industry itself, very closely and frequently. Some changes could be beneficial — for example, potential relaxation of U.S. federal marijuana laws. Other changes, however, could be bad news, such as the possibility that European medical cannabis markets won’t grow as quickly as expected.