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helmans province cannabis seeds

Shhh! What you’re about to read is classified. Okay maybe not top secret but it is confidential. L.A. Confidential x Afghan Kush to be more accurate. An indica dominant strain that offers creative, euphoric, mood boosts and the sedative effect to keep them all balanced. Perfect for pain relief, anxiety, depression and stress.

Considering the lengthy history of the strain it has become a prominent parent to a great many of hybrids. Afghan Kush Fem being one of those. The sedative effects are as prominent as the body warming buzz that comes after just a couple puffs. The flavor is similar to hash but with subtle hints of sour fruit and an aroma to match. The difference comes in the growth though, Afghan Kush is known to reach impressive heights of up to three meters outdoors. Sadly, the yields are not as great, often coming in at under one pound when harvested.

A true one of a kind flavor profile exists in this strain. The pungent, earthy aromas translate well to the taste buds and deliver an herbal, minty flavor that is followed by a sweet and creamy finish. The smoke is smooth and rarely overwhelms the lungs so smokers can really enjoy the subtle notes of flavor that come with lighting up a joint.


Tough is probably the most accurate word that one could use to describe the Afghan strain. It is resistant to disease and most common pests as well as molds and mildew.

Curious about adding additional strains to your seed collection? The following strains are wonderful options if you are looking for something similar to Afghan, while also wanting to diversify benefits and traits.

Nobody kept the secret with Afghani x Hawaiian x Laos x Jamaica. Looks like everyone came to the party here and what a party it is. This globally themed sativa dominant hybrid gives smokers a heightened sense of being with the cognitive focus of a chess master. All while delivering relaxation that melts pain away and seems to make everything right in the world.

Afghan marijuana seeds will grow well in both indoor and outdoor. By choosing to grow indoors you have much more control over the environment the plant is growing in. A minimum of one 150 watt high intensity sodium discharge lamp is recommended. Timing your lighting for sixteen to eighteen hours a day will give your plants ample time for photosynthesis through the seedling and vegetative state. Gradually bringing down the light exposure to a twelve on, twelve off split will trigger the flowering stage. In a short seven to ten weeks of flowering you will see large kola sized bright green buds on top and slightly smaller buds on the lateral branches. All will be coated in a beautiful creamy amber resin that sticks to your fingers like glue. Provided you pay appropriate attention to your plants you can expect over a pound of ripe cannabis flowers per plant at harvest time.

We grew out hundreds of these and sniffed and puffed our way through pounds of herbs to mate the best with the best. The result are plants that breed true for structure, heavy resin production and narcotic effects. Most plants finish around the 56 day mark and some may need to go out until 63 days. These plants also make excellent breeding stock, especially the males. Knowing the genetic makeup of your P1 stock is vitally important and since these are not watered down poly hybrids, you can find males that you know are 100% indicas and breed true for the traits mentioned

We are very happy to announce two new additions to our seed line up: Diamondnugz (ME) and Nug Lab (MA)!

These plants originate directly from various locations across the Afghanistan including wild populations from the Pech River Valley and cultivars that have been farmed by generations in Kandahar and Helmand Province.

Basic / Breeders Info

These plants originate directly from various locations across the Afghanistan including wild populations from the Pech River Valley and cultivars that have been farmed by generations in Kandahar and Helmand Province.

You can find the full line up on our Seed page. I encourage you all to support these local breeders, as well as others around you who are working hard to make their mark in this industry.

Short, stout, quick flowering and heavy resin producers. These are the qualities we selected for in when we started pheno hunting for parents in this population.

Afghani is an indica variety from The NugLab and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±60 days ) and outdoors . The NugLabs Afghani is/was never available as feminized seeds.