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hell feminized cannabis seeds

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When grown indoors you’ll need to place around 6 plants per square meter. These babies will have more than enough space in 7L flowerpots. 10 weeks after germination, you’ll get harvests of 400g per square meter.

Blue Hell Auto by Medical Seeds Genetic Crossing

Outdoors, these plants can be grown at almost any time of year as long as they’re taken care of properly. The more hours of sun your plants get, the better that they’ll grow. After about two and a half months you should be able to get 180g per plant.

Blue Hell by Medical Seeds is an indica-dominant autoflowering strain. This strain was born from a cross between the original Blueberry by DJ Short, and an Auto Medical Ruderalis to give it its autoflowering genes. This plant is perfect for quick grows and yields full of resin. THC: 12-15%

Blue Hell Auto by Medical Seeds is the perfect autoflowering strain for any grower. This plant gives a great yield and it has an acidy-sweet flavor.

GeneSeeds took a Hellriser Skunk 97, which is a retro Skunk variety, and crossed her with Black Lebanon to create their sensational Black Hell. The result is a robust, exotic Skunk that impresses with delicious flavour notes and some serious potency. Growers will love her very short flowering period of just 60 days, which is equally matched by impressive yields. Black Hell is a superb and sticky resin-producer that’s just great for those looking to create coffeeshop-quality oils and hash.

Black Hell may be exotic, but this doesn’t mean she’s difficult to grow. In fact, this lady is quite easy-going and doesn’t really demand much. Just make sure you give her good nutrients and that she has plenty of light, and she will thrive almost anywhere. She will thank you by developing into a plant with great branching and copious amounts of crystal-covered buds. Her short two months of flowering means that you won’t have to wait long until harvest. Grow her outdoors, and she’ll be ready at the beginning of October.

Black Hell (GeneSeeds) Feminized

Black Hell, thanks to her superb genetics, delivers a powerful high that is incredibly relaxing. This makes her a fabulous choice to enjoy if you want to get rid of stress or quell bouts of anxiety. Just take some hits and enjoy waves of calm and a skunky-hash flavour that lingers on your palate.

From GeneSeeds’ excellent Exotic Line of seeds comes Black Hell, a cross between an old-school Skunk and Black Lebanon. She shines with an unconventional Skunk aroma, great potency, and high production thanks to her substantial vigour and very short flowering time. A resinous plant that is perfect for converting into concentrates and hash!

Black Hell by GeneSeeds provides the wholesome effect of an old-school Skunk, but in a new and innovative package. This easy-cropping plant will reward you with a great aroma and a deeply soothing high.