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hektol cannabis seeds

Hektol plants will flower quickly in 6 to 8 weeks and will be ready for harvest in September. You will also reap buds with high THC at 21% and CBD of 0.6%. This makes a good recreational strain to grow.

Stewart Alsop – December 17, 2020

Hektol is a strain that grows tall at 200 cm and with yields of up to 650 grams or more per plant. Thus, it needs an expert hand to maintain its height and to support dense and productive buds. This grows in a sunny or temperate climate, and it’s best to be cultivated outdoors because of its height.

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Hektol (fem) is a sativa dominant hybrid feminized cannabis strain that has high THC levels and flowers very quickly. It is a hybrid made from the union of two very prominent strains: a classic Skunk and a very powerful Mazar strain. Hektol is a feminized strain and, therefore, expect only female plants in your growing area.

Hektol blew me out of this world! It isn’t the easiest strain to grow so I don’t recommend it to beginners. But wow, once you master this plant, it’ll definitely be one for the books! I read somewhere that it came from some Skunk and Mazar? That explains the very harsh and pungent smell from the nugs. I got some ultra rich buds that were filled to the brim with trichomes. It had some nice, earthy flavors that were quite stinging on the throat. But overall, it was very flavorful and creamy, got some strong hints of pine and diesel in there. Hektol was also very fascinating on the head. Strong cerebral buzz that got me tripped the hell out! Super creative and mind stimulating, it works great for day smokes. Perfect strain for me!

Oscar L. – March 1, 2021

It was a Sativa-dominant strain with medium to heavy yield. Aside from fast maturation and heavy-yielding capacity, it is incredibly adaptable and easy to raise. In as little as 49 weeks of flowering, I harvested its prolific yields of crystal-coated nugs. It manages pain, stress, and anxiety just like what I experienced. But its effects could be intense depending on the dosage. It does not take long after a couple of tokes of this sweet citrusy weed, I feel a euphoric buzz swarming into my head, instantly uplifting my mood as well. Moreover, it promotes mental clarity and boosts creativity. Gradually, a gentle, soothing calm drifts into the body, perfectly complementing the cerebral high. You’ll be in love with this strain. So try this now!

Ideal for daytime or late afternoon use. It has an invigorating cerebral high that quickly enhances the mood. Not only does it induce clarity of mind, but it also helps sharpen the senses, promoting a boost in creativity. It is best with anxiety. Raising it was easy and quick, Just in 9 weeks, I was able to harvest its weighty buds. It was about 9 feet tall. I’ve used the SOG method to control its growth since I prefer planting them indoor. It was totally an amazing experience. Also, I really love it, Hektol emits a pungent skunky and earthy scent and It also comes with a sweet and citrusy note. Must try it!

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A Profound and Meditative Smoke

One remarkable thing about Hektol feminized is its promising yield. This is the main reason why most cultivators are attracted to try this plant. However, it would be good to note that it is highly-flavored, which can travel a bit of a distance. With that, many opt to grow it indoors.

Hektol Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with high THC and fastest flowering times. It is a large plant growing up to 200 cm tall with 21% THC. Yields are high at 750 grams per plant outdoors and 650 grams per square meter indoors. It takes only 6 to 8 weeks for this plant to produce citrus, pungent, earthy, and sweet- skunk buds.

McMeans – March 1, 2021