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headband cannabis seeds

Headband boasts outstanding parentage and is the love child born of the cannabis power houses, Sour Diesel & OG Kush. Headband is named for the feeling its creates on the users temples as the high THC content of this strain dilates blood vessels in the face, creating the feeling of wearing the sportswear of the same name. Some sources claim that Headband was developed by Colorado based breeders Reserva Privada, whilst others attest to an origin in 707 Headband, the grassroots strain that was developed in the cannabis promised land of Humboldt County, California. The breeders at DNA Genetics claim to have studied this “707” variety and recreated its likely genetic profile to produce their Headband. There are phenotypes of this strain that have a higher likelihood for showing shades of purple from the result of cold temperatures activating anthocyanin compounds during the vegetative stage. The THC content of this strain is considered to be high and puts this variety on the top shelf of potent cannabis strains. Due to it's strong mix of euphoria and creativity it is better to avoid this marijuana strain if you have daytime tasks as the spacey feeling may hinder your focus and mental acuity.

If you’re looking for the kind of marijuana strain that can both heal what ails you and bring on a serious case of relaxation, Headband – aka Sour Kush – is that strain. Born of popular and potent parents, this strain, which would have been right at home in the swinging 60s, provides long-lasting pain relief, relaxation, and kicks stress to the curb.

Headband marijuana isn’t a strain for the novice gardener, these feminized seeds need a more care and attention than a beginner may be capable of providing. It does well both indoors and out, but it requires attention when it comes to humidity levels. After 60-70 days flowering, you will likely yield around 600 grams per plant.


“Smooth and creamy”, Headband feminized marijuana seeds are complicated to grow but provide a high they say is like being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. With 23% THC, it offers effects that benefit both medical patients and recreational tokers, though it will take a master level gardener to coax a harvest upwards of 600 grams out of each medium-sized plant.

Called a “smooth, creamy smoke”, Headband marijuana is an indica dominant strain with a complex flavor profile hinting at lemons and diesel. Wondering where the name comes from? Fans of this strain say it creates a slight pressure around the crown of the head that feels like you’re wearing a headband. This high is all in the head and with a THC content of 23%, Headband marijuana is easily one of the more potent – take your time with this one.

Wrap yourself in the warm fuzziness of one hell of a weed strain – order Headband feminized marijuana seeds now!