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growing dutch cannabis seed in homoe

San Francisco, CA, April 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (ILGM) promises to sell high-quality seeds that come with a germination guarantee.

They also offer discounted mix packs, which help individuals save money. With mix packs, you can save as much as $50-$60.

User reviews reveal that this company offers excellent customer support and fast shipping, only 4-6 days for USA orders. ILGM also offers a variety of strains, free growing tips as well as attractive discounts. This vendor has close to 4000 reviews on Trustpilot and a rating of 4.8 stars.

Users can also read the ILGM auto-flower guide, which offers guidance on the best ways to grow these seeds for a higher germination rate.

Who’s ILGM for?

As the last month of spring, June brings comfortable temperatures and plenty of sunlight. Your plants will be well into the vegetative stage at this point, putting all of their energy into developing fan leaves and photosynthesising for the flowering stage ahead.


Decide whether you want to grow in garden beds or containers. If you opt for the former, you’ll need to dress your beds with a high-quality compost to feed your plants later down the line, and add some manure for good measure! Add a layer of straw or wood chip mulch to hold moisture in the bed and suppress weed growth.


Although temperatures are beginning to edge in the right direction, the threat of frost remains very real. The coastal regions usually see the last frost before April 10th, so growers in these areas can happily start moving their plants into polytunnels and greenhouses around this time. Growers using containers can place their plants outside during the day, then move them back to safety before possible frost during the night.

Your increasingly mature plants will be ready to handle some training at this point. Use low-stress training to direct energy away from a single central cola into many productive bud sites. These methods will help distribute energy across the canopy and provide discrete plants and enhanced yields.

However, some slight variation in weather does occur. High winds impact coastal regions more than inland areas, and the south and south-east regions experience considerably less rain. Frost also impacts different regions at different times of the year, greatly altering the outdoor growing season in different places.

The bottom line: Cannabis possession and small-scale growing are decriminalised in the Netherlands, but still illegal. Police will turn a blind eye to people possessing under 5g of the herb, and home growers often fly under the radar and are rarely prosecuted.