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growing cannabis from seeds in rockwool

Hey i really do need a BEST advice how to start my uniq seeds in high success rate! Some of my seeds may be damaged over years, but i need to try to save them!

germinate in paper towl folded up, leave a littel pocket, and moisten the paper towe, and keep moist. leave it in a tupperware contaier in the dark for 3-7 days, keeping the towel moist, and you should see the embryo.

Charlie Green

i have a Hydro set up also so i have been starting seedlings in rockwool for years.

germinate them them move them to the rock wool cubes

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Step 2: Place your seed(s) into the pre-cut holes in the plugs. Use some of the plug material to gently cover the opening.

So what is the best way to germinate weed seeds?

How to germinate seeds directly in soil:

Therefore, you really want to choose the germination method that’s going to give your seeds the best chance to become beautiful, bud producing plants.

How to germinate weed seeds in rockwool cubes:

First, take a look at the comparison table below to get an idea of some general success rates for each germination method.