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growing cannabis from seed without lights


Most articles and books about growing marijuana discuss methods of cultivating the plant indoors under artificial lights or planting outdoors. But there is another alternative growing marijuana indoors with natural light. If Pot is one of mother nature’s favorite natural healing plant that surely natural light has sustained its existence long before the commercialization of the indoor grow bulb industry.


Supplemental Light

Growing marijuana indoors with natural light is easy and requires little equipment—just a container, planting mix and fertilizer. Choosing or concocting the right fertilizer is key for growth, and can be read about more in the marijuana soil guide.

Although most natural light gardeners grow only a few plants, hefty crops can be grown in greenhouses, under skylights, and in large windows.

Seeds can be planted in individual pots, flats or in large containers. While getting them to sprout is often the most difficult part, reading up on how to sprout weed seeds can help you quickly and effectively sprout your plants. Fast-growing marijuana plants will outgrow small pots or flats very quickly, and will eventually need a three to five gallon container. Gardeners can choose the most vigorous seedlings for transplanting.

The female marijuana plant flowers when the days grow shorter by chemically monitoring the number of hours of uninterrupted darkness. The male may flower in spite of the light cycle. If you don't illuminate the growing area the plant will flower in the fall. But if the lights go on at night the plant will not flower. She will continue to grow new leaves and branches, will show a spurt of energy each spring, and live for several years.

Our favorite bank to buy from is I Love Growing Marijuana. They are based in Amsterdam, but they have a distribution center in the California. As mentioned, this cuts down on shipping times. Their seeds are high quality and they even have their own unique strains.

If you have any questions about growing, please feel free to leave a comment below. I read them all and will answer any questions I can.

7. What Else Do You Need For The Growing Process?

You want your plants to grow short and fat, with multiple peaks that are all about the same height. That way, each peak gets the same amount of light and grows the same large bud.

I do recommend a few additional things, though.

Once your marijuana plant grows its first set of regular leaves (i.e. not the seedling leaves), it has officially entered the vegetative stage.