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growers choice cannabis seeds reviews

Big Bud Autoflower

If nothing happens after the last-ditch effort of the second soaking, Growers Choice will send out some replacement seeds. One thing to note is that shipping costs are not covered by the Seed Germination Promise, so the customer will still be on the hook for however much it costs to ship out his or her replacement seeds. For some people, being asked to shell out more money just to get a “free” replacement for seeds that didn’t germinate in the first place might not be worth it.

As with any company, not all of the customer service interactions end up positive, but it’s safe to say that Growers Choice Seeds tries their best to satisfy all of their customers as best they can. Unfortunately, some people can never be satisfied, and some are even downright hostile, so it can be difficult to tell who was actually in the wrong when it comes to negative reviews that talk about poor customer service. It may be best not to put a lot of stock in those reviews unless they’re accompanied by screenshots that let the reader see the flow of the conversation and decide for themselves whether the customer and customer service rep acted rightly or wrongly.

Germination Guarantee

It’s encouraging that Growers Choice Seeds provides phone numbers that allow its customers to speak with customer service agents directly since that’s a feature that a lot of people appreciate but is still relatively underused in the online cannabis seed selling industry.

Unlike some other brands that refuse to troubleshoot germination issues due to legal reasons, Growers Choice Seeds is perfectly willing and able to offer advice and guidance during any stage of the grow, for beginning growers as well as those who are more advanced. Personalized advice like that from industry professionals is a great thing to have!

This is the case when one clicks on Shop All Cannabis Seeds, Auto-Flowering Seeds, Feminized Seeds, and High CBD Medical Seeds. The only link that takes a customer directly to product listings is the “Buy Seeds on Sale” button and the specific strain listings in each drop-down menu.

The paper towel method outlined above is a common, foolproof germination method, but for customers who prefer a different method, it’s worth noting that using it will forfeit the 90% seed germination promise that Choice Seeds offers.

What you say is that GCS will send me what I ordered initially but I must re-order it and I must pay for shipping a second time.

Ditto. These seeds are nothing but bad genetics. They should be shutdown. Shame on our government for allowing these criminals to operate. I want my money back, not more bad seeds or merch. Last comment was my same experience. Sorry follower growers.

Brilliant service Andy and Steve so…

Most customers prefer that companies they deal with take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their mistakes, which GCS agrees it has made.

It does not appear that grower's choice plans to honor their warranty. About half of my seeds germinated and none of the free seeds I followed all of the instructions on germinating and took pictures and sent them all back to the company all I get is the run around

Robert Lorance
GCS Order #1801388