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Well after my last review on GCS and after trying to work with them and remove the review from here. I am regretful to say that I was a damn fool to think they would fix anything. Stay tuned cause in 17 hrs I'll be posting everything as well as the law firm who will be representing me in the lawsuit.

We have sent a full refund to you through USPS. Please allow up to 10 business days for that to show up to your address.

Growers Choice is a joke

Thank you for your review.

Guess I’ll just chalk it up to a lesson learned . Placed a order on 3-20-21 never received it . You call no one answers . Emailed this morning, but got to thinking “Can’t answer a phone , why take the time with Email “ So here we are ! After reading some comments, seems I am not the only one who will be going else where . $200.00 lesson learned !

To that end, please have GCS simply send me the correct (feminized) seeds originally ordered, without further cost to me in any way. This is only fair and equitable. For me to be asked to pay anything out of pocket to rectify GCS's mistake is poor business practice.

There is nothing like spending the day on one of the dazzling lakes and rivers that exist in this state. The Shenandoah River is a tributary of the Potomac River, and an enormous national park surrounds the entire state. Lots of areas here are exactly as they were in the early 19th century. For a historical adventure, visit the many buildings available and open to the public that are known as living history museums. This state is tremendously proud of their college football team, the West Virginia Mountaineers, and check out West Virginia University to see what this campus has to offer or hit up a tour to start school one day. This state has an awesome economy that was founded on logging, coal mining, politics and labor, and is now known for skiing, white-water rafting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and hunting. This area loves the great outdoors and with so many supreme places to explore outside, it will be hard not to get out there.

The great mountains and rolling hills of West Virginia will take your breath away. The climate of this area is humid subtropical, with warm to hot summers, and cool chilly winters that increase in severity with elevation. Growing and cultivating marijuana in this state will be fabulously rewarding, once the legalization of marijuana eventually sweeps over the entire country. The long and warm summers of West Virginia are superb for cultivating weed. Cultivators will have to harvest no later than November to avoid damaging plants in the cold harsh winter this state can have. Contact Us at Weed Seeds USA today and check all the possible strains out there for you to start a first-rate garden one day. While you patiently wait for your legal pot garden, why not get out there and check out the Appalachian Trail Conservatory and test your hiking skills.

Are Marijuana Seeds in West Virginia legal?

The history of this state is a rich one, as West Virginia was a part of the Confederate state in 1861, and at the beginning of the American civil war, created a Wheeling Convention, which was an assembly of Virginia Southern union delegates, that resigned in northwestern counties of Virginia. At this meeting, it was decided they wanted to step away and separate from Virginia, becoming their own state known as West Virginia, and held it to a vote. The promising state was then admitted to a union during the civil war and broke away from Virginia, separating from the Confederate state becoming West Virginia, and they played a key role in the war and acted as a border state. This region also abolished slavery on February 3rd, 1865, making this the proud and fair state that is seen today.

Marijuana seeds in this state are legal to purchase, but the cultivation of weed seeds is still considered a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, and anyone caught with marijuana that is not prescribed through a government-approved dispensary will be charged with a misdemeanor. Buying 420 Seeds through our site ensures your seeds will be delivered safely and discreetly to your door in no time at all, and one day you will be able to grow your seeds indoors or out, as this state is notoriously progressive. While legislators are currently stuck in the past, the citizens of this state are biding their time enjoying everything Mother Nature has to offer (minus growing weed). Heading to the New River Gorge National River for the day will excite and inspire anyone. This daring river promises adventure with thrill-seeking white-water river activities. If you do happen to carry a medical marijuana card, smoke a joint or two with a picnic on this scenic river, once you have conquered some gripping white-water rafting.

The state of West Virginia is certainly famous for the John Denver song Country Roads, but this state promises much more than the Blue Ridge Mountain and Shenandoah River. The state is located in the Appalachian region of the southern US and is surrounded by Pennsylvania to the northeast, Maryland to the east, Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the southwest, and Ohio to the northwest. A sublime southern culture exists in this rugged state that has a little bit of something to offer to everyone. This state is the epitome of the wild west, with prodigious mountains and rivers, that are more than just scenic destinations. The Mountain State follows the Appalachian Trail and is surrounded by untamed rivers that offer many outdoor recreation activities. If you are a daredevil, this state is legendary for its white-water rafting adventures.

There are few lists of scam seed banks out there. Reviews like the one you’re reading right now can also be helpful but always a good idea to do some background research before paying for anything.

How to Legally Purchase Cannabis Seeds in the United States

Like MSNL, they offer sampler packs of different types to help you decide what to grow. That can be helpful, as they have several hundred different strains on offer, like OG Kush, White Widow, and Girl Scout Cookies.

While Crop King Seeds stealth ships to the USA, some customers end up not receiving their seeds. Customer service can be helpful, but it seems like their business supplying dispensaries is taking up more of their time.

Their catalogue is large and includes value packs, which are like samplers for different varieties of seeds. This can be helpful, as they have a huge range of high-quality seeds to choose from.

In the United States, marijuana remains illegal on a Federal level. Legally, you can’t cross state lines with marijuana seeds. How vigorously those laws are enforced depends somewhat on the administration in office.

Some reports have their customer service as being somewhat uneven. However, their product seems to be popular. They do offer a limited seed germination guarantee as long as you follow their method.