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green crack x somango cannabis seeds

Simultaneously, it also brings many medical benefits that relieve anxiety, depression, and chronic pains. Get ready for a high you won’t forget with Green Crack x Somango!

However, because of its petite height, it has short internodal gaps. This causes the leaves to grow very close together, ending up with a dense canopy. If left untouched, the leaves would accumulate excess moisture, becoming a potential breeding ground for mold and mildew. This being the case, anyone who wants to grow this strain would need to have a few training techniques up his sleeves.


When it is time to harvest, an impressive 500 to 600 grams (17 to 21 ounces) of bud per square meter can be expected.

This strain is known to be a big fan of nutrients. As a consequence, the plant grows more robustly in a hydroponics setup. It means using a mixture of nutrients and water as the growing medium instead of soil. But if soil-growing is still preferred, the Sea of Green (SOG) method will help ensure plenty of buds to harvest.

For a successful SOG, horticulturists need to force 7 to 10 small plants into early flowering. The rest of the process remains the same as the usual photoperiod plants. However, it is the grower’s responsibility to ensure proper air circulation within the area to avoid mold and mildew proliferation. Aside from guaranteeing adequate space between the plants, having an appropriate ventilation system can also do that.

Because of the connotations of the term crack, the medicinal market has demanded that some strains come up with an alternate alias to be more consumer appropriate. Green Somango is not only a clean alternative but a delicious sounding one at that. When this medicine goes down, users can expect to get relief from nausea, stress, muscle spasms, and migraines. Even mental issues such as anxiety and depression can be helped by its soothing tropical waves. Generally speaking, strains of this caliber can even provide relief from deep down sources of pain such as internal ulcers or arthritis. Buy Green Somango Photo Fem seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds to ensure you get fresh reliable seeds to your doorstep as quickly as possible.

Larger grow operations that buy Female Green Crack x Somango online from Weed Seeds will be pleased to see that we offer bulk seed discounts as well as free shipping on larger-sized orders. In the rare occurrence that we run out of a specific strain, we will always have comparable strains in stock, such as the lovely Green Crack X AK 47 Fem.

Effects of Green x Somango

One whiff of this one and it hits you in the nose with a noticeable essence of tropical mango. This is due to the predominant terpene in the cultivar, alpha-myrcene, which is also found naturally occurring in mangoes (as well as lemongrass, hops, parsley, and basil). Among all of the terpenes, a-myrcene is associated with a calming effect, so be prepared for life to slow down a notch when you partake in this one. When you enter your grow op after being absent for a few days, the sweet and sour earthy aromas will bring you right back to the reasons you chose this fruity strain in the first place.

Any time you bring a brand new strain into a well-established grow operation there may be doubt about results. Because of the constantly changing scene of the cannabis marketplace, change is inevitable. While the classic strains will always remain popular among the old-school crowd, small tweaks can always be made to improve the strain’s effects or make it easier to grow. This seed for Green x Somango is a special find for 420 and 710 connoisseurs who want to see how small genetic tweaks can make for large visible changes in the phenotype. Compared to Jack Herer or Skunk, these buds have an eye-catching rainbow of colors including the dark greeny-blue hues of the buds themselves, orange hairs, and bright green calyxes glistening with THC. Buy Green Somango Photo Fem seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds and add a new layer of intrigue to your herb garden.

Al feminized strain is much more desirable to grow right off the bat because it saves growers from screening and weeding out the pesky male plants in the pre-flowering stage. The other reason this strain is popular is because of the superb product that you get at the end of your grow. There is something about a strain of pot like this one, where so many great parental strains have contributed to an amazingly comprehensive cerebral high. Dispensaries are keeping their patrons happy by bringing in new strains continuously which have a great backstory. If you want to get even more twisty turns in your weed growing options, just have a look at a near cousin to this strain called Green Crack X Core Fem.

It doesn’t need a lot of vertical space, but its many side branches will spread widely. Still, it can easily fit inside a small grow tent, and as the plant begins to flower its thick, reliable branches won’t need any support.

A true pleasure that will melt in your mouth, it makes an amazing first impression, presenting itself by propelling the user’s mind into the stratosphere. The mental flight is euphoric, rises above all problems and worries, and is likely to provoke fits of laughter.

Growing Details

It is a plant with an Indica structure with large arms and emerald green leaves that highlight its compact buds covered with resinous trichome.

For lovers of aromas and flavors, Green Crack x Somango is a strain that will take you to an exotic world where you will delight in sweet fruits brought from the Caribbean accompanied by that characteristic mango flavor.

Aside from its fantastic flavor, the plant also offers a remarkable high that manifests as a period of relaxation without tension. Both Green Crack and Somango lean towards the Indica side, and their combination has created a new strain endowed with a 16-20% THC capacity. With such a genetic makeup, physical tranquility is sure to come with a heavenly mental buzz.