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grandaddy purple x bruce banner cannabis seeds

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Genetics: Grand Daddy Purple x Bruce Banner
Type: Indica Dominant (70%)
Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
Yield: Medium
THC: 20-24%

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Grand Daddy Banner is known to have a happy and euphoric high making her perfect for someone who suffers from high stress levels and depression. She has been known to ease pain in some cases.

This strain takes a lot of characteristics from its GDP parent however it’s 50/50 whether you will get a purple pheno or a bright green pheno with orange hairs, you may even get both.

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As one may expect from the parenting genetics Grandaddy Bruce exhibits a complex terpene profile producing aromas and tastes described as earthy, sweet, grape, vanilla, herbal and berry.

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Despite the genetics Grandaddy Bruce has more well balanced effects providing the user with a substantial cerebral effect, that is uplifting and euphoric before setting into deep relaxation.

Although more popular as a recreational strain, Grandaddy Bruce is also perfectly suitable for therapeutic use. Whether you’re suffering from physical or mental troubles, this herb has got your back. Aside from being reliable, it’s also incredibly cost-effective. The staggering potency, after all, means that you’ll only need a small amount to obtain adequate symptom relief.

Grandaddy x Bruce Banner boasts about 26 to 28% THC composition. It’s exceptionally potent and could trigger unpleasant reactions if consumed in excess. Lightheadedness, anxiety, and paranoia, for instance, are not unlikely at large amounts. If you’re still a beginner, you’ll just be signing yourself up for a bad trip if you overindulge. So, don’t forget to tread lightly. A single hit from a joint will do for now.


This Indica-leaning hybrid packs a powerful punch. Thanks to this strain’s soaring 28% THC content, you’ll undoubtedly achieve your desired effects in just a couple of hits or even less. It’s perfect if you already have an increased tolerance to marijuana and need higher doses to feel any noticeable buzz. Now, you’ll finally be able to reclaim the coveted psychoactive kick of bygone days.

Grandaddy x Bruce Banner (aka “Grandaddy Bruce”) is suitable for beginner and seasoned marijuana growers. True to its genetics, it mainly exhibits Indica growth patterns and characteristics. The plants tend to be small, reaching anywhere between 70 to 110 cm (2.3 to 3.6 feet) in height. The compact structure also means that the plants have a small internodal spacing, resulting in tightly-packed branches and a bushy appearance. You’ll want to trim the plants regularly to prevent mold growth and other moisture-related problems.

The high takes hold pretty fast. It starts as a hard-hitting blow of euphoria and profound relaxation, banishing negative thoughts, and enhancing your mood. As your mind ascends to the heavens, all of your worries and problems will suddenly seem inconsequential. So, you succumb to bliss and sink even deeper to nirvana. Some people also report being chattier and friendlier, so this ganja is an excellent choice if you’re blazing up with a group of friends.