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Goldenseed Jack Frost crossed with Goldenseeds Blue Monster is possibly our finest plant today. With rather dense, fat buds, this is a smoke you deserve, with the added bonus of the yield. If you are growing to resell then this plant of all the plants we have matured over some twenty plus years of growing, this is the one. You will read of plants like Big bud, with descriptions that give you the impression of massive yields to a point this has some credibility but the smoke is to say the least average, with Goldenseed Blue Frost we have developed a true super plant, if you have some experience in growing, then if you are not completely satisfied with this plant we will refund your monies, now how many on line seed Breeders/retailers give that as a guarantee. Our Blue Monster G13 X BlueBerry X Motta Mejicanna XJack Herrer x White Widow x Northern Lights#5 cross deserves pride of place in every connoisseur’s garden. A 60/40 Indica/Sativa mix ensures compact, densely budded specimens of around 30 inches height and 18 inch spread delivering, on average, 3 to 4 oz each of the sweetest tasting and most devastating herb we’ve developed a word superb.

Of the 8 seeds, 7 were really similar striped tortoiseshell looking, 1 seed was completely dark, no striping at all so I picked that one and just a nice plump one of the 7 striped seeds. I planted them in their 4" pots and soil 3/20. They both sprouted yesterday 3/23, blue frost 1 was ahead by about half a day.
1 is my striped seed and 2 the dark one.


She is very sweet fruity and is a nice up heady smoke, can’t wait for this to cure. Definitely worthy IMHO :happy:

So we grow perpetually and only have so much space, so when I am working with a new strain I can’t run them all at once, I usually plant just 2 seeds at a time until I find the "one" if I’m lucky right?;)

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