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gold vial of cannabis seeds

And yet, tens of thousands of acres of hardy indica and Kush cultivars are grown and processed there annually, with most of the end product making its way to European hashish markets.

Interestingly, non-feminized God Bud seeds produce female plants that show their gender within two weeks after bloom phase starts, while the male plants take much longer to reveal gender. This is reverse to the usual bloom-phase gender morphology, in which the males show sex earlier than the females.

Even though I’m still working in my outdoor garden as my outdoor grow op enters its final weeks before harvest, I’m now getting ready for the launch of my autumn indoor grow season.

Growing Landrace Afghan Cannabis

The plants had very dark-green leaves and were single cola, with three to five side branches that make them ideal for sea of green growing. The buds were so resinous that it looked like someone frosted them with icing, and the main cola was between two and three inches in diameter. They ate nutrients like they had the munchies, sending off a big burst of terpenoid perfume when I watered them with Bud Candy and Nirvana.

Another packet of seeds I’m pleased to have as part of my collection came to me from Canada. Cannabis Cup winner God Bud was bred by a British Columbia-based seed company, Jordan of the Islands. I’ve cultivated it twice indoors and it grew out as a delightful indica strain that finished in 59 days, producing nuggety, sticky, tight, purple-blue-scarlet buds that provided a powerful high more energetic than a typical indica.

However, the buds did produce the classic, psychedelic Colombian Gold high, and after several generations of breeding to improve the strain, the Gold was stable enough for use in connoisseur hybrids that retained the best of Colombian Gold landrace, while being more manageable in height and photoperiod triggering.

So, imagine my delight when on this trip down marijuana memory lane, I unearthed a seed vial marked “Colombian Gold landrace.” I had a vivid memory of how a grower friend headed to the former danger zone that was the South American nation, risking his safety to visit an area loosely controlled by anti-government rebels. He paid a hefty guide fee to campesinos, who led him through muggy thickets of thorns and deadly snakes to reach a 2000-foot elevation hillside that had once been cultivated by cannabis smugglers in the 1980s and early ’90s.

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Himalayan Gold grows relatively easily but to get the most out of it you need a few more skills than a Newbie. Plants grow to a medium height and can produce tremendous yields if cared for correctly. THC content is said to be around the 10-13% level with CBD coming in at around 1.5% and high content of CBN which is good medicinally. The finished skunk buds will be a nice lime green with orange hairs and a smell fresh from the Himalayan mountains.

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High THC Sativa strains medicinally are suited to those looking for spiritual wisdom and creativity. Sativa Strains are more uplifting and psychedelic in the high they offer. If you are a sufferer of Paranoia and Anxiety be careful with high strength Sativa Strains as they may increase these symptoms.

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