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gibberellic acid cannabis seed germination

The highest germination rate was 80% @ 250ppm.

Ga3 in RO water @100 and 250 ppm. He got a chart that says how many ga3 powder + how many water = x ppm

I watched several videos and there are both, people with success and some without.
But the one who totally fucked up everything up was a guy who used alcohol to dissolve the ga3 and then diluted this with water.


You could also try a kelp soak but i dont feel comfortable saying something that might cause you to lose your strai

The guy that seems trustworthy used the following setup.

Me too.
But sometimes life is a bitch with her own rules

I think I’ll go and ask youtube.

Please be aware, you should NEVER try to cultivate cannabis seeds within ANY jurisdiction where such cultivation is illegal.

Gibberellic Acid is used by growers to stimulate germination of tough seeds.
It is proven to work well on particular types of seed that might otherwise remain dormant.

Gibberellins and Germination
Gibberellins are responsible for promoting growth in the embryo of a seed. It does this the following way Gibberellin released by the embryo travels towards the aleurone layer,
its target tissue situated in the endosperm region of the seed (alongside the embryo).
Gibberellin acts as the inducer, as its presence allows the enzyme induction of amylase, which can break down starch into a sugar to be used in the embryo.
Sugar is used in the plant to synthesise proteins and break out of dormancy. Gibberellins initiate this process in Summer, when the external environment exhibits favourable conditions for plant growth.

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