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giant cannabis plant seeds

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XXL yielding cannabis strain characteristics

Although Sensi Seeds recommends that growers acquire some experience with rearing cannabis before cultivating most of these XXL yielding breeds in order to get the very best out of them, there are also some strains in this cannabis seed category that can be grown by beginners. And these are by no means lesser types, nor has any compromise been made on their quality or strength. In fact, they are world-famous: White Widow and Early Skunk are two of the varieties that Sensi Seeds has selected as being ideal cannabis seeds for beginners looking for the biggest harvests they can obtain at the start of their cultivation careers!

There are various different methods of maximizing the yield from a crop of cannabis plants, depending on what sort of grow space you are working with and what your level of experience is. Examples vary from Sea of Green and Screen of Green, generally utilized by those with a low-ceilinged indoor grow space, to outdoor gardening in climates with long hot summers where plants can grow to enormous sizes. The key to a successful XXL yield, however, lies in choosing the best genetics, and that is where this category comes in. Grow techniques can only maximise the potential of a cannabis type, so for truly gigantic harvests, you need a strain that has been bred for that result.


What defines an XXL yielding strain? Firstly and most obviously, its potential to produce the heaviest harvest possible. This has been the goal in mind for the breeding projects that have produced each of the strains in this section, to maximize the weight and volume of the final result. Just as crucially, the goal of retaining all the flavours and effects that would make these monster harvests worth having had to be retained. And for both Sensi Seeds and White Label, it has been vitally important to create very high yielding strains with distinctly different characteristics, giving those who need supersized crops a wide variety to choose from.

Why should I grow XXL Yielding cannabis seeds?

So, you’ve decided that your main priority is getting the largest possible harvest of buds and you know that your initial step is choosing the best genetics. Within this category, you will find a pleasing variety of different cannabis types that fulfil this criteriona, so you are not restricted to just indica or indica-dominant hybrids, which are the types that most people think of as being the typical queens of the crop when it comes to the highest yields. Sativa lovers can take advantage of Fruity Juice and of course the legendary NL #5 x Haze, both of which will reward growers with massive amounts of bud for a soaring, powerful high.

Cannabis seed strains in this category will deliver the very highest yields. In the hands of growers with a little expertise who are prepared to spend the extra few days and invest the extra attention that these seed varieties require to really give their best results, they will produce truly gargantuan amounts of cannabis.

The volume of water should be 10–20% of the container size. So if you are growing in a 30l pot you water 3–6ltr per feed and watch for run-off. Take care not to leave plants sitting in a pool of run-off water. And for the love of bud adjust the pH. Soil growers need to aim for 6.0–6.5pH. Coco/hydro water must be a little lower between 5.8–6.3 pH.

Triple X dankness with the genetic potential to produce a scale-tipping harvest is not limited to photoperiodic heavyweight champions. Micro-growers can squeeze in an autoflowering behemoth with the right pruning and training.

Measure twice and you won’t have to cull plants later. Whether you plan on converting a wardrobe or a warehouse into a cannabis garden, you need accurate measurements. This job is a whole lot easier if you use a grow tent. Regardless, you need this data to decide how many plants to grow.


Monster marijuana plants are space-hungry. A typical 1 × 1 × 2m grow room might be suitable for as many as a dozen clones in small containers, while this same area can be completely filled by 1–4 weed trees in deluxe size pots. Before you rush into selecting a stretchy strain, make sure you have the vertical grow space to work with.

For the high-flying sativa sybarite seeking head stash in fat stacks, you need a real Haze hybrid powerhouse. NL #5 Haze Mist by Greenhouse Seeds is a space-hungry sativa dominant hybrid that will explode with dense long-running flower clusters to rival the chunkiest indica colas. But if you are on a tighter schedule or just short on patience, consider Super Autos.

LST, Topping, FIM, Lollipopping, and the ScrOG method are all highly recommended. But if you want a supernatural specimen, you need to combine these techniques for maximum effect. Think Medusa with shoots instead of snakes.

A simple feed-water-feed-water schedule is very effective across a variety of substrates. You will be sorely tempted to juice your plants with high doses of nutrients from the very beginning, but don’t. Developing a healthy root zone is the top priority. If you want to indulge in grow store products you can never add enough beneficial microbes to your substrate.