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germination cannabis seeds humidity redidt

It's all about the culture baby. Medium temps, moisture and darkness.

I am wondering what "tells" a seed it is time to germinate? I know that all it takes is soil and water and the generally correct range of temps when you plop them in indoor trays. However, most plants actually wait for temperature or light cycle or some other natural rhythm before they germinate in the spring or summer in their natural environment. What is the cycle and what measure must it reach for cannabis to germinate?

Room temp should work, though.

When you're referring to what "tells" the seed, you are talking about phenology! (the study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, especially in relation to climate and plant and animal life.) Same goes for butterflies first flight, deciduous trees busting their buds / turning fall colour, and honey bee colonies. It's how the environment communicates to us.

This is what I do: Lukewarm water in a shot glass. Place seed in, wait 24 hours. If you're hyper paranoid, go ahead and PH the water but tap water will probably work. After 24 hours, you can put it in the soil to sprout, or, some master growers (I learned this from listening to Danko's show) will leave it in the shot glass until it sprouts.

proper temperature, darkness, and moisture.

That is why one popular way to germinate seeds is on a heat mat between two moist paper towels in the dark. It simulates a seed being in soil in the spring time.

Temperatures with lights on: 70-80 (avoid high temperatures if possible)

I currently have my germinated seeds in a clone dome and they’re currently all pushing through the medium. A couple actually have tossed the shell and is opening up its first set of leaves. I’m confused on the ideal temp/humidity for this stage of the plants life cycle. The dome is currently around 85% and 80f. Any help is appreciated!!

High humidity levels allow water intake through leaves

If using co2 temps can be higher in all phases

Temperatures with lights on: 72-85 degrees (lights off: 4-5 degrees lower)

Temps and humidity Seedling Stage (Germination) lights 18/6 or 20/4

Perfect for the seedlings. You won’t have to water much. Couple of sprays will do, seedlings can pull much of the water they need from the air.

I did the paper towel method, and just put it on my ps4. A laptop would prob work as well. I think heat just speeds up the process.

They will germinate just fine at those temps. There is no need btw to germinate them in the tent. Just germinate them in your app if youre so concerned about it or you can invest in some heated mats to put under your cups.

The process goes faster if it's warm, it'll probably grow a fair bit faster in warmer temps too. I have a feeling mine was stunted because it was cold in my tent.

I'm germinating 5 afghan seeds in peat pellets in my grow tent completely in the dark. I have my apartment's temperature set to 78 but my grow tents thermometer still says 73.9 degrees Fahrenheit. According to my research, seeds germinate in 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. How crucial is it for that 73.9 to be above 75? Also humidity level is 55%.

They will germ just fine. But if you can add a lil heat they will grow faster. Adding heat basically replicates the warmth the seed would feel if it was outside and the sun was shining on the spot its at. The warmth giving it a bit more energy to use to grow and if the spot is getting sun, a lil more incentive for it to sprout quickly before its overcrowded/taken by another plant.