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germinating cannabis seeds reddit

Just what worked best for me, but honestly, ALL of my methods worked.

Once it germinates, do I plant it with the root down or up?

Should I leave the seed in a shot glass of water till it sprouts or should I wet a paper towel and put the seed in there?

My first grow I did a bunch of different things, heating mats, keeping it under my light, going in straight coco vs a wet paper towel. The best plants I have all did the best with Rapid Rooters in a germination station, then right into the tent in cups.

This. Simple and highly effective.

100% this. Soak 24hrs then straight to dirt or rapid rooter/jiffy pellet.

The paper towel method is a proofing method to test batches of seeds for germination rate. It's a totally unnecessary step that actually increases the likelihood of damage to the seedling.

I am by no means an expert, I haven't even attempted to grow marijuana (I just like to lurk and dream), but I have grown flowers from seeds before. When you germinate, you really just need DAMP substrate. Not soaking. In fact, you could even use a dish towel. Wet it, ring it out, and fold the seed inside (keeping the towel damp) until it cracks. That's when you put it into your substrate. And I'm pretty sure whenever you water your plant, no matter the stage, it should never be completely soaking wet. Roots need oxygen.

I decided to start with 3 seeds in 3 separate jiffy pellets.

This does not seem normal to me, it should have dissolved.

I soaked the jiffy pellets in water for 30 minutes, drained a bit of the water, put the seeds in added, some soil, put the plastic cover on top and left them alone.

It's been 15 days and none sprouted.

I soaked the paper towel, squeezed out the excess water, put the seed between it and slipped it in a ziplock bag. I put it in a dark room, made sure the heating was at 24C in the room and left it alone.