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germinate cannabis seeds reddit

Get a small cup. Fill it with water. Drop the seed in and let it sit there for atleast 12 hrs but not longer than 24. The seed will absorb water and drop to the bottom of the cup, then its ready. Or if it is still floating on the top of the water, give it a poke and if it drops to the bottom then you know its ready.

If your using a daisy cup, you can cover the top with plastic wrap to keep more moisture in your medium.

Make a hole 1 to 1.25 inches deep in your medium an drop in the seed. Don't forget to thoroughly moisten your medium first. Drop in the seed and cover with a bit of medium/soil.

Hey guys, I have everything I need to start my first grow! But, before I try myself, I'd like to know what you guys think is the best/most successful method in germinating your auto flowers. Also, after germination, how deep in the soil should the seeds be buried? Thank you!

This is better than the germinating in a paper towel as the tap root is really delicate and can get damaged if you are trying to shove it in soil.

My first grow I did a bunch of different things, heating mats, keeping it under my light, going in straight coco vs a wet paper towel. The best plants I have all did the best with Rapid Rooters in a germination station, then right into the tent in cups.

Root down, always

I soak overnight then plant in dirt. Less handling the better imo.

This. Simple and highly effective.

Thank you so much! I’ll definitely use this method

There is no right way persay. I use the soak in a cup + paper towel method. Some people call this method the devil, some swear by it. Some people just toss the seed in dirt and let nature do its thing. Some people soak for days and then pop under a humidity dome. Some people use rapid rooters.. lots of way and none of them are the “right” way.

The paper towel method is solid just make sure to put the paper towel in a plastic baggy and wait. And like the other guy said , tap root down.