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germinate cannabis seeds dome

The dome is for keeping the seed from drying out. You want warm, moist, not saturated, and not dried out.

Ive heard different opinions regarding this, this is my first time using a heat mat and humidity dome, some say dont use a humidity dome when germinating because it could cause mold to grow on the seed.

Well. to quote each his own. ..sorry could not resist, its on your member profile.

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But. on the humidity dome, I use one and have every time and it works for me. I never had any issues with mold or fungus or anything else. I think the mold and fungus part comes from how wet your soil really is. Mine is damp, not soaked. All of my seeds have popped without issues doing it with the dome, as a matter of fact, just popped 4 and they came up in 4 days. I do take the dome off occasionally during the day, maybe once or twice at most for 10 minutes or so, but then it is back on until I see stable seedlings.

Theres no argument here, just the right way of doing somthing versus all the bs that gets perpetuated by half arsed growers.

Ive always just used the paper towel and glass mug method and then transferred to a make shift humidity dome after leaves. Ive also seen some say dont use a humidity dome at all for any stage although personally Ive had better luck with a humidity dome then without, whats your take on the dome for germination?

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Some seeds are equipped with “wings,” which are adaptations that allow the seed to ride the current of the wind for an extended period of time so that it’s dispersed away from its mother.

Join us as we detail the most effective methods in how to germinate cannabis seeds, along with information that will help you understand marijuana seeds from a new perspective.

A seed is an embryonic plant. Just as humans are embryos at the earliest stage of life, so are seeds.

Materials Needed for Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds, like all other seeds, are the result of reproduction between plants. Each plant has evolved throughout millions of years to adapt to their surroundings; thus, they’ve also made their seeds adapt to certain dispersion methods.

This is the general understanding between us and cannabis seeds, in which the most legendary strains have been found in unnamed “bag seed.”

Since seeds eventually grow into a plant, their range of mobility is fixed. They cannot move across the land as animals do; therefore, their seeds must disperse away from their immediate vicinity.

Many are adapted for water submersion, while others are capable of being digested and remaining intact or to latch onto the fur of a passing animal.