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genetic testing cannabis seed gender

Save yourself 6-8 weeks of time, energy, and resources waiting to sex plants by eye with the LeafWorks Gender ID Test.

Order 25-249 cards:
price: $50/card (comes to $12.50/plant)

Volume pricing enables significant savings:

Samples are submitted using collection cards.

2-7 business days for 1 – 250 cards (1000 plants); 1 – 2 weeks for 251+ cards (1000+ plants) with rolling delivery of results throughout.

This DNA-based service identifies male Cannabis/Hemp plants as early as seven days post germination. With more markers than other comparable tests, the LeafWorks Gender ID Test is 99% accurate. Remove or partition male plants based on your needs with this quick and reliable technology, saving up to 20% in operational costs.

There are leaf tests that can be performed on plants as soon as the plant has three sets of leaves that can definitively determine the gender of a cannabis plant! These tests are relatively cheap at $10-20 per test, but the information is invaluable to breeders. Some pre-flowers are difficult to find on the plant, or may be hard to determine, which makes a chemical test more definitive than a visual inspection for some plants.

There are also tests that take leaf samples and estimate the overall THC and CBD ratios to expect at harvest! These are a little more expensive at $30-80 per test, depending on exactly what you want to test. Knowing what cannabinoid ratios to expect while plants are still seedlings is very helpful for anyone looking for a very high-CBD or high-THC cultivar!

For those of us who will be determining gender with our eyes, you need to know where to look!

A chemical leaf test can determine the gender and future potency of cannabis seedlings as young as these!

You can learn the gender and estimate the potency of a young cannabis seedling simply by doing a test on a small piece of a leaf

***If your cotyledon leaves are wilting or have already fallen off, please call us.

The Plant Sex Test is available in multiples of 4 starting at $59.80 per kit. Results are included in the cost of the test.

Our Customer Support Team is available to help you through this transition; call us at 503-206-6599 EXT 1 or email us at [email protected] Learn more about the discontinuation of the Phylos Plant Sex Test and Genotype Test.

88 Seedling Plate – Sample Collection instructions

Please mail to: 959 SE Division St, Suite 420, Portland, OR 97214

If you still have questions, contact us prior to collecting your samples. We’re here to help you to properly collect samples for analysis.

We just finished a seed crop of 500 phenotypes of 10 different strains. Not having to spend time and effort searching for males was a big saver of production space, labor, and bottom line: money.

We extract DNA from your sample collection cards and use qPCR analysis to identify the Y chromosome. All hemp plants have an XX or XY combination, indicating a female or male plant at a genetic level.