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g13 cannabis seeds

The origins of G13 Labs dates back to the late 1980’s and Northern England, where an original agent set up an underground collective. It was when this agent found himself in Amsterdam that G13 Labs was officially born. Connections were formed with other experienced agents in the Dutch capital and soon after, a new seedbank was formed.

Perhaps the most famous strain in their collection is Pineapple Express, which has outsold every other strain the seedbank has ever created.

Since then, G13 Labs have transformed into a globally renowned company. Known for their impressive yielding, fast flowering strains, with unbelievable tastes and aromas, G13 popularity is increasing year on year.

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ALL “G13” Seeds

Ever since G13 weed seeds first came to Original Seeds Store, their popularity has been nothing short of amazing. Urban myths about this strain being the result of a super cannabis created by powerful varieties squirrelled away by the FBI may not be historical fact. But it certainly does go some way to explaining the incredible potency in these little ladies. In fact, if power is your thing, then you really do need to check out the full range of G13 weed seeds on the Original Seeds Store site. But just to make things easier, we've brought them all together on this one easy to use page, so that you can go wild in the virtual aisles. Novices beware. Though G13 seeds can be easy to grow, the power is something that could take your head off. Beautiful indica strength is perfect for relieving stress, anxiety, PTSD and severe pain, but if you can't handle the heat, you really should be looking elsewhere to buy cannabis seeds. But when you've got the stamina, and you want something strong, G13 is will always hit the spot. This is a strain of beauty and a weed that you should never deprive yourself of.

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