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fms cannabis female seeds

– stretches a lot in flower
– low smell
– fluffy buds on bottom, larger denser buds on top
– calyx to bud ratio is good
– not much trim for making hash
– weighed out to 88 grams grown in a 5 gallon container in 2 feet of space

Strain: C99
Growth: Average in veg, grows big in flower
Nutes: General Hydro Flora, General Hydro Maxi Bloom
Supplements: Molasses, Floralicious Bloom, KoolBloom, Blossom-bud, Azomite, Dirty Gardener (mycorrhizae), Epsom Salts
Yield: Good, 7.5 out of 10
Visual Appeal: Real purdy, 9 out of 10
Smell: Sweet, 10 out of 10
Taste: Exotic, 10 out of 10
The High: Is good, 8.5 out of 10
Flower Light: 400w HPS
Harvest Time: Day 52 of flower

I was going to grow the C99 from Blimburn, but it didn’t hatch, so I ended up trying Female Seeds’ genetics. It turned out really good.
It started out small in flower but grew really big, lots of stretching. The smell was low profile, really stealthy.
The bud had a really appealing smell, tropical and exotic, but not pineapple like others describe. It’s sweet like a bag of fresh candy. For some reason I found it tasted better fresh, before curing. It lost some flavor after curing.

Smoke test in ice bong:
Smoke is smooth and tasty. Sativa leaning as it looks but there is some indica in it.
I’m down to my last bud of it as of posting this report. Seems like good stuff to me.

The strain inherited huge buds of Skunk Special. The amazing amount of trichomes covers whole plants. The strain demonstrates good results both indoors and outdoors in a warm, Mediterranean climate. The flowering period takes 8-9 weeks and the plant produces good yields.

The ICE is a feminized cannabis strain that the result of the crossing between famous Skunk Special and powerful White Widow. It was selected out many feminized seeds to get the best and stable variety.

The strain inherited the potency of White Widow. The high THC-content provides strong powerful indica effect. The smoke brings intense, diesel aroma and taste. The strain also has a great medical value.