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flo cannabis seeds for sale

A true cannabis pioneer in America, DJ Short seeds are not cultivated for maximum volume or high THC content but for a unique and exciting sensory experience.

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A veteran breeder, DJ Short has been active for nearly 40 years. Despite shying away from the spotlight, he has produced some of the most loved strains in the world today, especially Blueberry which has been described by some as ‘the most wonderful form of marijuana to date’.

Buy DJ Short Seeds, including his famous Blueberry strains from Seedsman with confidence.

The THC content is about 12% and the effects normally last for about 2 hours. Most medical marijuana patients say this particular weed produces couch lock effect relaxing the muscles, alleviates nausea and relieves stress instantly just like girl scout cookies xtrm.

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As the name suggests it has a unique ability to produce a recurrent flow of buds through multiple harvesting.

Flo (DJ Short) regular

Flo weed is Sativa dominant at 60% leaving Indica at 40%. The aroma of the Flo marijuana strain is sour with citrus undertones, but the taste is not sour. Though it’s slightly lemony the taste is amazingly citrus.

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